Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project Life Style Digital Wedding Album

Okay, so I am getting addicted to digital scrappin' like this.
These page protector digital pages are way too cool (get them here: Valorie Wibbens Pockets No. 4

Project Life is the memory keeping style founded by Becky Higgins.  Project Life incorporates the tools to take and store your memories by quickly dropping them into pockets for fast and easy scrapbooking.   You can find more here: Becky Higgins: {Project Life}

Here is a cute, cute, cute page example of a Project Life page by JWoodbury:

So you can see how I am just over the moon for this. So cute, so simple, so much fun.
Document your life.

I am printing these pages (wedding pages below) for my best friend Donna. I met Donna when I was about 15 and just moved to Silverdale.  She lived right across the street in a house her father built sitting atop Munson Hill with a beautiful view of the bay (she still does live there).  I met some other girls at the same time and we all quickly fell in together and hung out, got in trouble, grew up, moved away, married, started families (or not) and grew apart.  I always stayed in touch with a few of my friends from that time.  Donna especially.  When I am around her I have a funny personality that comes out.  It is sorta like my "happy" surfaces and I no longer am worried how silly it looks. I laugh without feeling subconscious, I tell stories and joke and kid around.  Being the "responsible one," of course I put myself in that position, I know I am mellow and easy going, but I do have a skepticism that underlies all things.  Ahh, those trust and abandonment issues, they are another story, and of course you would have to charge alot more than free cyberspace to yank it out of me.. Where was I?  Oh yeah, so being responsible and then letting go around certain people, it really feels like a physical weight is lifted. Laughter may really be the best medicine.   

Gosh, I laugh so much with my husband, it is obnoxious.  I am so glad he is in my camp in this business we took on of adopting a (wonderful) boy.  The three of us are star signs of Taurus the BULL, so it is putting it mildly that we all believe that we should have things our way and are stubborn and bull headed.
But we are workin' it on out pretty good. 

Back to my story, so Donna is that person that is always there.  Always listens.
 Never judges, and is always in your corner.  She has a heart of pure gold.

I sometimes think, should I be this personal? 
What is life if it is not personal. 
 Life is all of the communications and relationships forged, friendships made, and memories shared.  Share yourself, the REAL you, and you will be surprised at the connections you make.

Here is my wedding day in all of it's glory and beauty. 
I really loved our day.

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Deepti said...

oh my God Kimberly... all that you wrote is so touching :) I can so relate to it :) and you and your husband make a lovely couple :) The pictures, the decor, the colors and ur wedding rings all is amazing.

I too have a childhood friend just like yours who I grew up with... though we live miles apart, yet whenever we talk it's just like the days of our childhood. I miss those days :)

Thanks for sharing this lovely post