Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everett Children's Imagine Museum

First off, I should say that My brother and his wife came over with their 2 boys.  I told them to leave Aiden the oldest for the rest of the week.  We will drive over Saturday to take him back.  I think it is so important that as cousins they spend time together.  They will look back fondly on these times. 

The day was spent at the Everett Children's Museum. 
Reasonable $7.95 ea, They do have a special 3-5pm Thursdays only $4. 
 I found street parking around the block for 90 min, and just moved my car a few times,  so worth it!

They actually have not one, but two, dance pianos on the floor like on the movie Big!
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

And a rooftop playground!

Aiden is actually pointing to a sink they installed above the restroom door..wierd.
Mid day stop at the Vintage Cafe.  The ambiance was good, however I wish I did my homework on eateries in the area.  Food was not good, and service I wish I could say that we did not sit so long.. the boys had the kiddie menu, but it seems like ages until the crayons and water came.  Then no utensils, and food came without the extra plate that was the servers idea, so we still sat without splitting their food.  I never want to bad talk a place.  I am sure that it was just a bad day, after a rush possibly.  The boys, they were troopers though!!  Love these guys!.

Cool large train area!

And inside the mock ferry, a waterworks!

A faux archaeological dig too with Stegosaurus bones model.

A soft brick construction site with a wrap around the room mural.  Awesome.
I can't say enough about the Everett Children's Museum.  It was a very fine rainy day time!.  It really didn't rain in Everett the time we were there. Maybe a little slight windy.  The rooftop area was great and open all day. I really smiled and instead of being worn out and wanting to go, like the kids, I wanted to come back.

A veterinary clinic to check all your furry friends vitals!
These guys are super professional.

And puzzle game tables, or building tables, wow it was endless greatness.

I sure hope that your spring break was just as great as just today was!

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