Wednesday, October 19, 2011

$2 Dollar Finds!

Don't you just love it when you find something in a bargain bin for cheap, and you actually like it, can use it, and will not feel bad about snatching it up?...And there is of course the Husband....On these finds, he would approve.

I found these for $2 at the Issaquah Barnes Noble.
My bathroom is "beach" themed, so this is great!

Conrad loves all kinds of games, so this $2 Pirates of the Caribbean Yahtzee...perfect too for a Christmas gift.

These guys are Stabilo mini monster highlighters.
I got these cuties, only a pack of 3, blue, yellow and pink, at the store next to Micheals in Issaquah. Aaron Brothers Art and Frame for $2.  Since it is Halloweentime, and I use highlighters all the time at work, they came out of hiding...  When I saw them, I thought, cute for Conrad!... No these little cuties are MINE,..all MINE!

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