Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grayland Beach Pics!

 Paul & Michelle.....Such a Cute pic!
  I love sand!
    Wow, look at it go!
    I see it, I see it!
   Better run,......I am gonna get ya!!
   Kerry, you are great at this too!
 Great sand, I want to lie in it too... And later she did.
 Great Job!
  Serious work
Into the distance............
packing it up..
     The gang just hanging out..
Rob & Kerry .........Another cute couple moment!
       Heading to the water!
       More shells
     Guy talk
    We are really into this, and this is no joke.
What a killer smile!
 Back a yurting we will go...
                                    I don't want to stop flying the kite dad..
excited boys flying their kites

great light as the waved crept up..
Kites flying high!

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