Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dojo Halloween and Redmond Zombie "Thriller" Event

The WKA Bellevue Dojo had a Halloween Party today.  The older kids set up a haunted house in the dance studio, and there was food in the lobby and games in the main dojo.
The older students also coordinated drop off and placement of the food and marked down names of kids for a party bag later.  When I saw the list there was 32+ names and at least 9 more showed up afterwards.  They all had a great time.

 Our friends and neighbors from around the corner also attend the same dojo.  They invited Conrad to the Redmond Zombie Thriller Event afterwards.
 And this is where Conrad ran into Rob and Kerry McDaniel!!  They all look great. 
 I will search U-tube to see the mass zombie mob doing the "thriller" moves !!

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BrittanyLane said...

WOW! Awesome makeup. Once upon a time I loved doing frightening stage makeup- a skill my children know nothing about.