Monday, October 17, 2011

Bob Rivers Show ---- My Call in

For years I have been listening to the Bob Rivers morning radio show.  His cast is crazy cool and funny and takes my mind off the mindless commute to work.

(This is an example of why I do not get engaged in politics)

This morning they had a guest caller that was a Florida senator promoting his appeal of the law that bans "dwarf tossing."  I had never heard of such thing.  They wanted callers to call in.

I called in and my question to the senator was,
 "I am curious to ask if you have other laws that you are spending your time on trying to appeal besides this one silly one."

That was it.  That was all I wanted to know.  I asked this on the "air."

His response was that this one is just the one grabbing the media attention, and he has several, for example there is a hundred year old law about it against the law to ride a bicycle without both hands on the handlebars."  .....REALLY??!!  Oh yawn..

He really didn't sound believable, the cause good or bad was not the point.  He just seemed so full of hype and grabbing at the media attention.  I honestly thought he was a comedian, and it was one big joke.

Wow, aren't we glad that he is spending his time in dusty books searching for ridiculous laws that will gain media attention, instead of laws that may be helpful needy kids, or neglected or abused animals, or the general populus in general???

(Again, this is an example of why I do not get engaged/discuss/or otherwise comment on politics (or religion for that matter) - I would get to worked up as I have a point of view, and feel all have their point of view and beliefs, which if as it should be.  I just have a knack for highlighting things that seem outright silly, and no one likes to be confronted that their belief is silly......)

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BrittanyLane said...

I hear ya! I have occasionally tried to call in on various political topics. I usually feel quite foolish and embarrassed afterwards. My mother is awesome at voicing her opinions eloquently. I think it is a talent that few possess.