Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Pin"teresting Things Lately

Wow, I stayed up after midnight.  Not a great idea, I just could not help myself.  I love to do crafts.  There are many crafts that I want to do, but really lose track of what I want to do at any given time, or when I do carve out a tidbit of time where I am free to craft, I find myself sitting there wondering, what next?

I have signed up for Pinterest.  Pinterest in an online bulletin board that you design yourself. 
You search the internet and post directly back to the interesting things you want to craft, or just things you love, or things you covet!

Lets say that you are crazy about a certain dog breed, and want to catalog all sorts of sites in one place like dog toys, dog breeders, collars, chotskies, etc,  you can find the sites you would like to visit later, "pin" to your bulletin board, and visit your collection of sites anytime that you like.  This is totally free by the way.  Your bulletin board can be your "go to" place and you can set up several boards.  Pinterest gives you examples to start you off. 

My first bulletin board is "Cute Halloween Crafts"  it is full of "vintagey" paper crafts I adore and fun ideas that I know I can execute myself. 

Alas, now I need to look ahead for Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

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BrittanyLane said...

Awesome! I am totally smitten with Pinterest. One thing that is superbly annoying, however, is finding my friends on there. What is your account under? Mine is