Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Falling Leaves..

Today someone left our company that had been here about 15 years... 

It was bittersweet.  Like enjoying the Autumn leaves beautiful color only to see them slowly drift and fall to the ground to wither..

I never like it when anyone leaves the company, whether they were the deciding party or not.  If it is not their choice, I am really torn and think of their family and how this will impact them all.  But in the end, I always want to think this is going to turn out to be better for them and their family and is meant to be.

 I have been working here 19.5 years (20 May 1st) , and I know a whole lot about the folks here.  I am really open, and probably tell too much about myself, but you know what, they know me.. the real me.  The me that has told them about my mom's kooky antics (since of course she lives in a mother in law suite in our bottom half of our house), the times of my car falling apart, family issues, medical scares, you name it.  They hear my stories whether they like it or not.  Sometimes I feel  a little silly about it, but I am who I am and there is no changing now.

I try to leave an impression, and whatever impression that is, I hope it is a positive one.

So I know the choice of them leaving was not an easy one, it took a lot of thought and I am sure worry too.  I know they want what was best for their family, and after a teary eyed departure, I hope it turns out to be worth it.
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