Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Farm at Swan Trails, Snohomish WA

It rained @ 10am when we met at Hellen Keller to go to the Farm.  By the time we got to the Farm, it was clear skies.

 We nailed that Corn Maze in about 12 minutes... So cool. I fessed up and told Scott that last year Conrad and I wandered around, didn't use the map, and ran into alot of dead ends before we found a side exit, then just headed to the pumpkins.
This year, we found the Coulee Dam, the Space Needle, both the Vantage Bridge and the Galloping Gertie (Tacoma Narrows Bridge), and straight out the Grays Harbor main exit. 

 Today was also Seahawks Day sponsoring kids at the farm.  The Seagals and the Mascot were there, there was also a player... Though we are not football followers, so meant we were clueless....
 Olympia in the maze!
 Congrats ---we made it to the end.

Awesome roasted corn!
 Caramel apples too!!
This is the one!
Are we there yet? said...

love the picture with the boat! What a fun farm!!

BrittanyLane said...

I am in love with these pictures. And with autumn. Can't it just be fall all year long?

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