Monday, October 24, 2011

Home Today..

Well folks..  Good news I am better than the last few days.  Apparently when I had some dental work done, one of my teeth got a little stressed out, and on Thursday night, and Friday night, I went through some pretty excruciating pain.   I was hoping it would just go away.  My dentist only is open Mon/Tue/Wed... so what the heck.  Saturday during the morning, OMG... later in the day I made myself go to the Farm, and could not eat anything,...Sunday I could not take it... My dentist could not help, but he gave me a specialist to see Monday.  Urgent care could get me antibiotics only.. 

So I call the specialist, and they say, stop taking pain medication or aspirin, we want you in as much pain as possible when you come in...

I really could have strangled that lady..
So all is well now, I was told that when I had the excruciating pain Thurs and Friday for no reason, it was the nerves dying.  The residual throbbing was the pressure of what needed to be taken out... Geesh.  So a root canal of two hours and me recovering today. Crappster.
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