Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank " Ewes"

Conrad goes to an extended day after school program.  It is like daycare, but it is on the school grounds, they do homework for a 1/2hr and then have crafts and snack and movies.  It is the best.  The two ladies are great.  Last week I was asked for items to donate for crafts so the class could split into 4 groups and make scarecrows.  Boy were they in luck.  I actually had some of Conrad's pants that had ripped out knees and some other items I hadn't tossed or donated yet.  I boxed it up with some batting and sacking materials and a visit to the goodwill I had to add a few old hats and cowboy kerchiefs, and they were set. 

Here are the Thank "Ewe's" I received.
I love them all!

Dear Kim, Thank you, so I am writing this message in sheep.  Drew.

Wow, this kid, serious Artist later on, what do you think?  So creative!

So sweet. I loved them all!

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