Thursday, October 20, 2011

Graduated to Guppy

Conrad has been taking swim lessons at the Bellevue YMCA since June. Due to scheduling, he has only missed 1 session a month.

They have cute names for the sessions.
Polliwogs - Beginner
Guppy - Some experience
Minnow - Better
Fish - More skilled
Flying Fish - Good swimmer
Shark - Great Swimmer

This was his 3rd polliwog set of lessons. 
Each session is a half hour with a class of only 5 kids max and is typically 5-7 weeks in length.

He received his 3rd report card, and he couldn't read the teachers writing, so he had no idea until I told him "Congratulations!!!"

"What?"""  ----"You are now a GUPPY!"
"Cool!!!   ......"Wow, that lady has bad penmanship!"

We immediately called Grandma and Scott to tell them the news. 
He has worked hard, he no longer sinks like a rock, and there is less stopping to hold the side of the pool after just a few strokes.  His attitude is great, he really shines and smile immensely when he is in the water. His body control is better, and soon he will glide.
We picked up a mini caramel apple sundae as a treat.

We are so proud.
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