Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freebie: 3 Emily Windsnap Paperback books by Liz Kessler

Freebie: 3 Emily Windsnap Paperback books by Liz Kessler

Post a comment on how you like to swim, or anything you think about Mermaids
to have a chance to have me send you 3 (gently used) No box:
Emily Windsnap paperback books by Liz Kessler. 
I will pick a random winner this weekend!

 I remember that happy feeling as a kid.  When I was very young I was brought down to the pool in the summer by my older brother.  Very, very, few people know this about me, I was a fish.  I was considered really good, and went to meets, I joined the swim team as the youngest member in Colville, WA at 6.  The parents split, we moved, and that pretty much ended a very great memory of being a swim star.  Later on it was very hard for me as a kid to get to a pool or lake, and any chance I could tag along, I would be there.  And when I would go,  I would always pretend I was part fish ......see how I could glide or flip around, .......always thinking, don't I swim great?............. don't they know I am part mermaid?

I took Conrad to a make up session just with me on a YMCA family swim day on a weekend.  I still can glide, and I still love the water.  The stillness, that floating and weightlessness, and the smooth gliding.  I guess I am still a mermaid...

I am always looking for book sets for Conrad.  I came across this set, and it was way too cute to pass up.  Alas.........It is for GIRLS.
But since I sit and watch Conrad at swim lessons, it was appropriate that I read a book about Mermaids.  The reading level is age 8+, and these books are just about adventure and King Neptune, finding out a girl is part Mermaid and her journey to find her father and get her family back together, and the adventures along the way.  It is also about friendship and forgiveness as well.
Wholesome life lessons that I wholeheartedly recommend for "tween" girls that love to read.

Of course the whimsical cover art drew me in.
So I highly recommend (I have read all 3, there is a 4th too which I do not have yet) of the Emily Windsnap series by Liz Kessler.

If there are no winners, these will be donated to the school or after school program.
Good luck.

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Are we there yet? said...

My gramma had a pool and we swam no matter how cold it was April-August. I would try to hold my breath and swim from one side to the other like a mermaid :) I looked up the books and they are super cute and I am sure my neice would love to read them after me of course!!