Sunday, October 16, 2011

Card Kit Event

We were going to get together to bring individual projects and work on our crafts.  I made a few kit cards, and so did Kerry and Liz, so it turned out to be a card kit making get together.  It was great. My three cards were made, and here are the kits from Liz and Kerry.

Liz brought vintage images, for these two cool cards:

 Kerry made witches boot kits from a card class she took, and she brought out an inspiration card to make a bat over the moon card.

All cards were fun to make,  I especially liked the "dauber" tool used to make the perfect harvest moon.
We had so much of a great time we will meet again next month to do more holiday card kits.  Thanksgiving and Christmas this time.  I was so inspired I stopped by Ben Franklin on the way home for card ideas.  And boy do I have the ideas, and one card project already mapped out that includes a cute stamp and "sweet" sentiment.  So I can't wait!