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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Taking Grandma Cricket to visit Aiden in Spokane, WA

Maggie is their puppy. Very cute dog. Some facny breed I have no idea, though very well mannered!

Scott and I drove to Spokane and mom will be staying to visit until next weekend. We almost left a coat of Aiden's at a restaurant, and when we were going to leave the next morning they came to Scott & I and asked if we left it the day before. I turned beet red! Well, I didn't notice him shrug it off and fall on the floor...I noticed the kid was dressed and loved eating pancakes! (Yes, I believe we are related!) Other than that, no harm done!

Aaron & Christine live in a picture postcard neighborhood. Large older homes with lovely large treelined streets with fall leaves and pumpkins adorning every porch. Verandas and wrap around porches, people walking their dogs & kids playing in the piles of leaves.. It was really breathtaking! This part of Spokane is very beautiful!

See ya later mom! Will pick you up next week at the Seatac Airport - enjoy the flight!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lanegan, Herndon & Newlywed Wieners!

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