Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mom's 69th Birthday

Mom's 69th Bday is today!
Lasagna, Salad, Back Forest Cake!!
Thanks Kevin for coming by!

Cool candles had colored flames... Wild.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to School BBQ

Conrad is one lucky boy to have a brand new school.

Goofy kid.

September Card 09.15.12

A bunch of  us get together to make cards every siz weeks or so.  
We all design one or two cards and make enough kits for at least 4-5 others.
I love it.  

Kerry's Card.  
Wonderful punchy midnight blue with
 a pop of yellow and orange chevron.

One of my cards.  Stamp of a artist type stamp
with some crayon scribbles here and there.

A  glitzed up glass with glass micro beads

Cutesy funny sentiment inside.

Liz's card. 
Very sweet aloha type of card 
with splashy brights colors.

Lura's card is a sweet watercolor pencil
 Jill o' lantern and kitty

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vacation was great...

After a few nights at Bay View State Park, 
we went to Port Townsend for a few nights.

Port Townsend Waterfront

A favorite spot - Elevated Ice Cream.  My flavor this year "Lavender Peppermint" 
You will either hate or love this ice cream.
For me,
 it was divine!

Our Tradition: Flying kites at point Wilson Lighthouse.

Port Townsend is absolutely full of surprises.  
Just when you think you have seen it all
 it opens up and has more unique things to see.  
A new fun place to visit, 
Fort Kinzie Bunkers Point Wilson.

Another new experience, 
Boomerang at Fort Warden
Practicing was fun. 
 Conrad was much better than Scott.
They sure had fun.

This was our cabin stay for the week.
Sweet Huckleberry Cottage in Union, Wa 

" I have my fishin'Cap on Aunt Kim!"

Brook Falls, Dosewallups WA
I had my friend Donna join us for a day at the cabin.  
We took an excursion to this falls,
 it was breathtaking!

Love this viewmaster idea of snippets of pictures.  

We ate our Anniversary Dinner 
at the Alderbook Resort and Spa Restaurant.
 I really can pick the snazzy places.

Thanks Scott!

Donna and I at the lake house.

Hamma Hamma Grilled oysters with a sweet BBQ.  
To die for these were!

Ceasar with Chicken and white anchovy. 

Crab Cakes, more like puffs.  

Lavender Panna Cotta with mixed berries 
and raspberry coulis

Cute pictures of my honey,
 I just can't get enough of that SMILE!

Wild Huckleberries, or Salal Berries 
as I looked up 
are great 
I will make Donna and I some syrup 
as she helped me pick some.

Eating in Shelton.  
Blondies has great food.

Though we did not catch anything,
 it was some serious fun
 fishing on the dock

Scott and Conrad made it out on the paddle boat, 
Donna and I headed out for Coffee and a waterfall hike, 
so I didn't get to see all their fun. 

This cabin had everything!  
So well equipped.  

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