Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Christmas in Missouri:

The Arch!
Nice to see you big guy!
Traditional favorite, Ham Cream Cheese roll ups.  ...Now I am hungry.
Traditional Breakfast stop - The Waffle House.. Gotta get me a fix of the GRITS (Dawna where are you when I need you?!!)  My sister Dawna, Diane's daughter from Florida made me my first grits.  It was love at first bite.  Now I get them only once a year in Missouri.  I am sure I could scout some out here, but it would not be the same as a midwest or southern cook!

Another must stop: Steak N Shake.  The next time we are there I will order the half and half and take a pic.  It is a tall glass filed with milk shake goodness that is half banana and half strawberry or chocolate.  Looks sweet!
Part of Karin's owl collection.  I just love this little guy.  He is placed on the entry table to greet you once you arrive.  He waves hello, has a Santa hat and holds a wreath.  Too cute.
Great BBQ.  We always order the sampler at Bandana's BBQ!  You can't go wrong with any of it.  The ribs were especially tender and fall off the bone good this year.
Cheryl's mouth watering wonton appetizers.  You will want more, and more and more of these.
Another family member!  I love Cheryl and Kurt's new chair, it is covered in large poppies.  Nice!

Okay, now we are talking!  Chik fil A!  The flash cook the chicken in peanut oil.  (until Conrad gets re-tested, he eats the grilled cheese)
They have only one of these in Washington State by my research, it is on Western Washington U campus in Bellingham.  We have talked several times of trekking up there... Never get to it.  I think we are afraid to be disappointed that it is not there or closed, etc..  The chicken sandwiches are addicting.   So every Christmas, one stop for sure.

Karin's impossible pumpkin pie. Yummmm!

Scott and baby Lilly.  Scott's niece Katie's brand new baby girl.  What a sight.  Check out the little booties.  Precious.  He is happy here, but I can tell he was a little awkward and stiff as a board not wanting to disturb the baby.

Carolyn invited us to the Museum of Science to the Star Trek travelling installation.  Since a month or so before we went to Missouri Scott and Conrad had been watching Star Trek and New Generation, Conrad was so thrilled to sit in "Kirk's chair, and on the bridge of the New Generation.  We also were on a transporter.  All of the costumes were so neat.  Uhura's costume was so small.  Most of them were small, except of course the Romulan costumes.  It was cool to see the Enterprise in various sizes all over and "run abouts."
Nice wreath.  A gift I gave this Christmas was the glittered deer ornament that she placed inside this wreath.  Looks great!

Carolyn's Lemon Merigue Pie! Wow.
Ro and Charlene gifted Conrad a microscope. He could not stop looking at butterfly wings, money, leaves, hair, you name it.  Greatest gift.
Ahhh to relax at the holidays.
Thesse are great too.  Cheyl's recipe.. I need this one.
Ro's daughter I believe gave this to them as a gift.  I had to take a pic it is neato.
Not in the mood aunt Kim.  Someone was tired,

The game apples to apples was fun.
Traditional Christmas Eve dish, the "Sputnik"  Ham and chees with olive or pineapple kabobs.  You just pick and eat and chat!
Missouri Museum grounds

Just look at the meringue on this!
This picture bummed Scott out as we did not get a chance to get to IMO's pizza this time.  Next time IMO's, watch out we are coming.

The grounds of the Museum again.. Love the statue.

What would Missouri be if Conrad could not visit the world famous "Bigfoot"
I love how this picture turned out.

Bev's Christmas morning mini cherry cheescakes. 
Santa says hello and goodbye on Charlene's door.

Missouri is always fun and full of traditional goodness that never let's us down. We are always filled with the warmth of Scott's families hospitality, love, and kindness

Peanut Butter & Blueberry... (??)

So this is NOT a magazine pretty picture, but it was really good!

At work I keep a small stash of food.  A jar of peanut butter, some envelopes of instant oatmeal, granola, bread, sandwich spread, and a bag of frozen blueberries. 

The blueberries are usually to add to yogurt.

Today, I made a peanut butter and blueberry sandwich on toast.  It was awesome!
The slight sweet berry flavor offset the plain of the peanut butter.  The thick "sticky of the peanut butter held it all together.

Maybe it is weird, but I sure loved it!

Infamous 2, at a Costco near you!

Egadd.  This weekend we actually were out of Shampoo, light bulbs, toilet paper, glue sticks, vitamins, etc.... So off to Costco we went.  Mistake,  you head in with a limited list, out you go with a cart full of boxes of items and a list receipt dragging the floor.

I did get a last day savings on 4 pair of movie tickets that saved me $10.

Conrad was delighted to find that Costco sold Infamous 2, (this is the game Scott worked on with his company). 

Little Surprise...

I loved all of the wonderful Christmas gifts, do not get me wrong, however the one my husband gave me is used every single day!
Wow, am I spoilt.  Now I don't have to stumble bleary eyed to work at 6:30, go into the work coffee room, turn the water dial to heat the water, come back in about 10 minutes fill the filter deal, hit brew, then coffee is done in about another 10 minutes. 

So I get up at 5:30 to have coffee at 7:00.. And that is if I don't get working on something at my desk and forget to come back right away.

NOT any more!  I pop my coffee flavor in, hit the brew switch and in seconds I have hot brew to sport on out the door and drink on the way.  What an awesome way to start the day.
All you die hard coffee fans will have to agree!

When I registered my machine on the Keurig site, I got a coupon for a free box of coffee with my order.  I took that, thank you very much. 

Today, what did my eyes see in my mailbox, another free sampling of coffee.  This is the start to the best year  EVER!

Thanks Scott!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Here is a hint....

I just received this in e-mail from my husband today.
Cutest Valentine ever.
Isn't he thoughtful!

T-shirt: Snorg Tees

Thursday, January 26, 2012

QUICK: Tell me what this is from !!

Yes, I am a fan!

My brother Kevin sent this with some pics for mom. 
Mom misses Kevin, Conrad misses Kevin, I miss Kevin.  SO, we ALL miss you Kevin.  I don't think he views my blog, but hey, shout out to you anyways!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He takes his games seriously!

Card Kit Event: February's Card

Well., I had made several, I mean several pinwheels for a card design "spring" feel.
Last night I scrapped the pinwheel idea altogether and came up this design.
A Kraft card with a hidden cake... Conrad was thrilled with it anyway.

Here are the mini pinwheels, and a mini enclosure card I made...

Not crazy about it. 
I guess the inspiration left me after I made all the darn things.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My new baby....

With some coaxing, tonight I got my new car!  I upgraded to the leather package, it is on order so next week sometime they will change out the cloth for the leather. I am so excited about that.  The leather in our silver jeep has been a lifesaver.
Why red???  I have always had a  silver, or black jeep, or silver car.  Time for something different, so I got RED. 
Of course like many, I have had several cars.  This one is the newest, and still not brand new.  It is used, but a 2011, so low miles and great warranty.  I managed a super deal, so we are happy.  And we still have the other jeep so Scott can decide what he wants to do with the Volvo or Jeep.

For  now, no worrying about a possible problem for me!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Fantastic Adventure:

I saw Ali's wonderful scrapbook layouts and fell in love with the long strips of this layout.  The summery feel (when there is snow on the ground right now).  I don't have any of the supplies that she used, I used what I have that most closely resembled the look to get the very same feel.
This is my inspiration, I "scraplifted" this page: Ali Edwards "fantastic adventure"

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Of course, even if it was a blizzard, this boy would want to go sledding!
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