Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BET.

Well, it is official. We have made a BET.

I bet my husband a whopping $um of money that I can get in shape (and the goal is to keep it off) at a reasonable pace with a reasonable weight goal. And if I have a setback and gain back, I have to pay back the per week rate...

What is the payoff, $10 per pound....So I am motivated.
Realllllly motivated.

I will be making weekly check ins and keep you informed!

Out of Commission

No posts soon (with photos)

My laptop monitor needs replacing.
We initially thought the fan needed replacing and the visual rainbow on the screen was from over heating.. No, I need a new monitor. Can you get a new monitor for a laptop? Absolutely. You just have to have a fabulous repairman genius of a husband that is a Mr. Fixeverything like I have.

I have to brag him up because he really is the greatest. It is ordered, and in a week and a 1/2 or so, I will be up an running again.

Speaking of running, I ran (a portion of the time) on my treadmill last night.

And my back has less pain than usual.. I better keep this up.
It was also on the fritz. All it needed was a belt tightening, again the Mr Fixit to the rescue!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tip of the Month

Did you know that if you have a library card, you can access consumer reports online?

You can!! I did and it is easy. Got to the kcls (King County Library System) website, enter your library card number, do a search for Consumer Reports Online.
Once you enter this, it will ask again for your library card number. You now have access to the latest ratings of goods!

I knew my brother purchased a brand new washer & dryer when he bought his house, and I didn't remember what they were. Turns out he researched as well and we have practically the same models!

Great minds think alike right?!

Do you have any tips that really made a difference?

Let me know.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine for a friend...with a neclace inside

Re purpose valentine boxes, large or small.
I found a perfect heart shaped box the size for jewellery.  I hot glued some flowers and ribbon and placed a necklace I made inside for the perfect home made gift.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Craft Wall Re-organize...

One craft room wall...Before:

And After:

I saw a crafter that had her scrap pages displayed suspended from a rod and thought it was cool. She could change them up and see them for inspiration. Wow.. I really like it. I came across a rod, bought a few target kids flower hooks and put it up. Discount buckets that were 1.99ea and wall hooks I already had, affixed double side tape to the cork boards and up they went. Nothing is level, buy hey I think it works okay.

If you "click" on this pic you can see my cute nieces and nephew!
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