Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little bit of randomness

As a teen, I remember seeing the large Koolaid Pitcher commercials. The large pitcher running around the neighborhood, I always thought they were fun. When we were in Spokane with my brother and his wife we all went antique shopping. The boys were so great. When I saw this pitcher and mug set and the mark downed price, I had to have it.

Xmas Morning!

We celebrated early this Saturday. Conrad really had a great time. He was "wowed" by getting his favorite cartoon as a video game. Ben 10.
Ben 10 is about a teen boy named Ben Tennyson who has a super watch that captures alien DNA. He can slap his watch to activate powers to change into any of the aliens to save the planet, it is a cute show. And since he had no idea there was a wii game for it, his squeel of Joy was cool to hear.
Of course these pics were when he first woke up, so he is so sleepy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Office Party Holiday Cheer

All the ladies have a yearly secret santa gift exchange potluck. The food is my favorite part! Okay, and the conversation and secret exchange too.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tubing at Snoqualmie Summit

It rained like crazy this weekend, though Saturday was the lightest day. Conrad had a super day! We met the cub scouts at the 10:25am Woodinville movie of Megamind! Afterwards we went home and quickly changed into Snow Tubing gear and with crazed smiles headed to the Summit! Just as you reach the summit, the rain turns to snow and you are in a Snow Globe winter wonderland. Our ancestry goes back to the icy blooded Norwegians, so we were right at home in the wonderful weather up there.
The tubing sessions are 2 hours, and once you go down and up the hills, you find this is plenty. Except for us! We could have stayed until closing if we could. We were all warm and even though the wind blew the snow right into your eyeballs and you closed them tight as you shot down the hill screaming, Oh that was just me... was it??!!
Well, I still loved it. All three of us had a blast!
I brought ham and large burger buns for the snack and we hungrily ate them once we got the car warmed up and snow free for the drive home.

Scott is sick, so he was not happy to stay home..Next time...

I hope that your weekend was equally as enjoyable!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Wintry scenes on window panes,
twinkle lit trees and stockings by the fire.
Neighborhood yards lit up with decorations
and an angel atop our tree.
it is beginning to look a lot
like Christmas.

Letter From Santa

What is this...? Post marked the North Pole?

Last night we talked about Santa. I know he is at the age of possibilities.
I asked him if he believed. " I believe in Santa" he said, "I do believe."

Today a letter was was found when he opened the mailbox.

Conrad ran downstairs after reading his letter the second time to tell his Grandma.

"I never got a letter from Santa Claus." she said when he told her all about his special letter.
"Well Grandma, maybe it is because you never said that you believe in Santa Claus."

Earning a Badge..

I need to make a correction, Conrad is on the Bear Trail, but earned the Bobcat badge which is the first badge.
Wow, after weeks of memorizing, out of the blue Conrad was called up to earn his Bear badge. He did an awesome job, and memorized it all very well. He is very social and comfortable speaking in front of groups and crowds even. Such potential. He is growing up to be an awesome young man.

Uncle Donny !


"Gimme a Drumstick Aunt Kim!'

The start of a snowball fight.....

With all the snow that dumped over 2 days, this is what we did.. Play a little.
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