Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Cookies

Traffic was so bad coming home I drove through Bellevue and then through downtown Kirkland.  I stopped by the Sweet Cakes bakery and picked up these thick decorated shortbread cuties.

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnn  They are tasty too!

Kumite Match

Conrad will go to a tournament in May.  His first step was a simulated match right down to flaggers and scoreboards.  His pairing went very, very well.  The right amount of confidence and aggression.  He did not get scored points (at 9 they really don't want to hit their partners) however his form and attitude (not backing down, and blocking well) was praised by his Sensei.

The tournament will be great.  I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New "old" Camera for Scott

I found this beauty at the Value Village for 4.99.  I had a 30% coupon , so I paid $3.49. So I was willing and could take the risk if it worked or not.
The funny thing is that Scott has another vintage polariod that he bought the wrong film for.. fits this camera.   (!)

The Polariod 420 Land Camera

It appears to be in good shape.  The battery corrosion was minimal, and not on the connectors to the camera.  Does it work?  Not sure yet.
The battery it takes is an odd one, and it can be found, or a conversion can be added for 2 AAA's, so that is what we are waiting for before Scott can test it out. 

This will be fun finding out if it works!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day dreaming of Hawaii...

Now that the weather is getting better, maybe I will stop day dreaming of Hawaii. This photo is a favorite of mine. Scott is sitting in the Olympic Cafe drawing during our stay in 2007. This island was so magical, he proposed on the boat ride coming back from the lush fern grotto on the Wailua River as hula dancers danced the "honeymoon" dance/song. We then ate at the restaurant and called our parents to tell them. I ordered a pineapple with it cut out and filled with tropical fruits of all kinds. It was such a nice day.

We agreed that maybe we would not go back to the garden island as we wanted to keep those memories sacred, and we would discover another island together.

Next spring we will discover town of  Honokowai on the west coast of Maui. Believe it or not rooms are filling up this far in advance.

I am reading two books about Maui as I want to know everything about the places I go before I go.

Well, that has pretty much been on my mind lately. I better shuffle off to bed.  G'night.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's!

I had Conrad pose for some "crazy" pics in his crazy hat. This was my fave.
 And Viola! 
St. Patrick's Day Card. 
These actually took more time to make than it looks.  I only sent them to Scott's Parents, Mom, and Conrad's Dad.
But if you beg me, I can be persuaded to make you one. 
They are pretty hilarious, arent' they!

He looks so much like a little Leprechaun!

Crack's me up!

Things I love..Sushi

Once a week, about every other week a few gals from the office go to I sushi.  Here are a few of my delectables. 

Super shrimp tempura roll

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello Thursday Night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goofy Leprechaun.. I miss you!

Scott is away for a few days and I really miss him.  We took some goofy pictures and together we just laughed as I put this leprechaun pipe on his picture in photoshop..  He is just so much fun.  I told him all of us were going to have our picture taken for a St. Patrick's Day card.

He took a few goofy ones of me, but when I saw them, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. So..maybe I will post them.. but I think that they are hazardous.

"Dear Scott,
This morning as I tried to get Conrad out of bed, I was ignored, with blankets pulled tightly overhead, I was met with struggles, half kicks and several stop touching me's.   I swear it took 15 minutes with counting, tickling, every trick in the book to get him up.  Then he promptly went onto the top bunk and told me I had to toss him his clothes because he was getting dressed up on the top bunk. 
"No, I do not think so, come down, dress yourself!" He pops down and we preceed to have a 5 minute conversation, when I asked him to put clean socks on, of how he does not have any, and I pulled his drawers full of new socks, and he does not like the new socks, he wants knee high, and what color, and yada yada  yada.... and so forth and so on... until I do not care if he is wearing dirty socks. 
Fed up I turned and said, if you want a sleepover, you had better do what needs to be done and went up stairs.

Then as I needed to dash out the door to work (calculating I am 1/2 hour late so far), I was informed it was time to assist mom with a stressed out scratching miss Lucy Kitty to have drops put in her eyes. Meantime Conrad was told to get shoes on several times.

He would not put on his shoes on time, and I had to hustle the trash to the curb and dash to work.

Scott, I appreciate (especially this morning) all that you do when I have already left for work.  The craziness of getting a 9yr old that is not a morning person, is a straggler, has an answer for everything or questions for nothing when you just need something done.  The work on getting him dressed, fed, brushed, and medicated and on to school on time.
I appreciate you give my mom a kind word each day, when this morning I know I snarled like a wildebeest about "Everyone better have a better morning after this" as I stomped out dragging the trash out the door...
So thanks for all that you do, especially what I do not know about when your morning goes haywire and you just muddle through it as you also are trying to wake up.

You are the best.
Love Kimberly Anne

Dear Kim, Conrad was difficult.... that never happens.... yeah, that's a lie. :)
I liked your letter, LOVES YOU

Monday, March 5, 2012


                           Today was a whirlwind when I got home. 

Conrad misplaced a password to the online homework he needed to do, so we spent almost an hour coming through the recycle, and yes, the trash, and a box of papers before we found it.  As I was combing through the recycle papers, mom called up and said her cat Lucy needed to go to the vet.  Of course chicken was cooking in the oven, and boyscouts was within the hour, Scott wasn't home yet, so essentially I was frantic not knowing who was going to do what.  I found an emergency vet hospital that is after hours and open all night right here in Kirkland.  So it was decided once Scott came home.  Dinner just happened to be ready, Scott walks in the door, and all is well.

Scott took Conrad to boyscouts while I took mom and the cat to the vet.

This morning Conrad went in for his 6 month dental check up.
Absolutely no cavities. 
 So he got a "High Five" from us.
"High Five" Pad from Knock Knock.
I just absolutely ADORE Knock Knock Products!!! 

Help at the market

This weekend was low key.  We loaded up the truck Saturday and made a trip to donate.  Boxes of Christmas items were placed in the mudroom that were in the dining room, and the entire front room and dining room was dusted and cleaned from top to bottom. 
Conrad spent the afternoon at his friends.  Scott and I watched an age appropriate movie, and had a secret stash of ice cream, being kidless for a few hours,  this is what you do.  You put on a movie too racy for a 9yr old, and smile and giggle at each other like we are getting away with something.  It was bliss.

Sunday I napped most of the day and for an early dinner we all went to the Olive Garden for a really relaxing meal.  We took our time and ate the meal slow and had a very enjoyable family dinner.  I was craving their salad you see.  And I did manage to eat a lot of it.

Later this evening I dragged myself up off the chair to go shopping.  One thing I do not enjoy is food shopping.  Things cost so much nowadays.
And doesn't everything look so good when you are shopping?

My little market helper. Cart pusher, list holder, and all around bag toter.
Here he is being silly, and I had my camera right in my pocket.  I was pleased this quick snapshot turned out, if it didn't I was surely NOT going to ask him to pose again. 
The quicker we are out of the market - the better I always say.

I hope your weekend was very relaxing and nice too!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Atlantis Ride!

We went on this super fast water toboggan type ride at Sea World called the Atlantis

I was behind Conrad and Scott.  After this boat plunges straight down, it lazily meanders to the back of the ride and is then brought up by an elevator type thing.  At this point I realize maybe the ride isn't really over yet.

When the ride is over and we are getting our items from the locker, Scott says, I heard you say over and over,  "No, NO, No, No,... I thought you were so excited.

"Oh, Crap no, Scott, I was seriously terrified because I thought the ride was seriously over."
Of course the ride plunges you down again to get you soaking wet!

(Yes, now being at the ripe old age of foryyyyyyishsomething, 9 year old at the hip, my mean streat talk consists of Crap, and don't get Scott really annoyed, he will whip out the "juicebag" quip, that refers to someone cutting us off in traffic and shaving an inch from our lives.  Of course we got this from  the kiddie Capri suns juice boxes that are more like bags, but it is substitute for a really horrible, do not like it word....

Mostly, I just sigh, look around and say Barney Rubble, to nothing and no one in particular.  This just means I am fandangledy tired.
 Conrad loves this one.
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