Wednesday, November 30, 2011

School Daze Quick Pages: Sahlin Studios

I love the Sahlin Studios digi quick pages.  Drop and re size your pic, and add any journaling.  Available at the

Friday, November 18, 2011

Harvest Cards

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{october} at a glance

- grayland beach
- kites
- grays harbor lighthouse
- webelos
- extended day scarecrow crafts
- halloween cemetery
- october card kit class
- changing colors
- swan trails farm pumpkins
- costumes
- pumpkin carving
- zombies
- rice krispie treats

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Kidneys?

So Scott has an internal infection that antibiotics will cure, so all is good,Wheeeeew.

(Sigh of relief).

However, the CT scan determined Scott has 3 kidneys.  Three kidneys is nothing to worry about, and if he has not been having serious issues, they will continue not to be a worry.

hello kindey credit...well can't find original posting to credit this..

Mom went in for the flu, and came out with a heart inflammation.
Scott went in with a pain in the side, came out with 3 kidneys.

This is a weird week!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Urgent Care...Scare?

Well, don't be too alarmed, I think all will be well.

Mom has not been feeling too well and coughing.  Scott hurt his side somehow and both of them went to the Urgent Care today.

For mom, Bronchitis, and she was told she has an enlarged heart and needs to go see a cardiologist.  Hummmnnn well that is a surprise.

Scott, well they did a scan on his chest and side..We will find out later on about that. 

I am slightly alarmed, I know mom has high blood pressure, and bronchitis does put a strain on you.  Hopefully once we get into the specialist, it will be an early detection and all will be good.

Looking on the brightside!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Art in the Family: Jason Lanegan

I have an upcoming project I will do that is going to be a Altoid tin altered art project with vintage "courier and Ives" type background scenes with a mini fake snow laden tree and a deer and bunny in the foreground.  This project, albeit on a much smaller scale, reminds me of my brothers art. 

My brother Jason lives in Spanish Fork with his lovely and sweet wife Kim, (all Kim's I found to be truly lovely and sweet) with his 4 awesome girls, 1 rad son and also a cool exchange student from Germany.  He has a masters of fine art and is currently working as the gallery master and director at the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) on the BYU Campus.

If you like vintage items, classic american road sign art, diners, coke memorabilia, vintage photos and miniatures, then you will absolutely love his work.  His Reliquary Artworks are truly memorable.  Here is a link to see a video of his interview of a showcase of his work.  All of the works to the right side of the page with the Lanegan name on them are his.   Quite remarkable stuff in this modern media age.  I just love it.

See the artworks of Jason Lanegan

Jason's Blog capturing up close images of his works - Phenomenal!'s Blog:

So visit his site and enjoy!

College.. Personal musings of the holidays, and a look to the future

I went to a community college at 17 for a GED.  I then took just a few courses in Art, creative writing, and philosophy, with the help of financial aide/grants and some support from my dad and his wife Diane.  I realized right away that I was pretty talented, however creative on demand was not ever going to work for me.  So a career in the arts was not going to happen.  A happy home life was always the most important thing to me, so I married really young (too young) and when my hopes of starting a family were dashed, circumstances landed me my current career at a fruit and produce import/export company.  My goal was to be able to keep my head just above water, able to pay bills and do most things I want to do, happiness was more important.  I am happy to say I have a wonderful husband that has made my life just wonderful.

I guess what I am getting at is, I didn't really have a job in mind at all growing up. Stability was more what I craved. 

I always loved gardening.  When I was 9 I was just crazy for Peter Frampton, that curly long spiral hair was the best!  So I decided I wanted my hair like his.  I knew there was a lady behind my grandmothers house that was a hair stylist.  I knocked on her door and made a proposal.  I asked her is she had any work I could do to earn a home permanent.  We agreed on yard work. I did such a good job, she introduced me to another much older lady across the street and I fed her cat and weeded for her too  I weeded for two ladies at a Quarter a medium wheel barrow full.  Yeah, even then I thought that was cheap labor.  But hey, when you are 9, you have energy, determination and no aches and pains like I do now!..
I worked until I was told I had enough for the lady to give me an in home permanent. The other lady I worked for just for spending money.

The permanent turned out great.  With the other money, I had an idea.  I had a friend at the time whose dad was a wood worker. I would sometimes be walking back to my grandmothers house after playing games with his daughter Sheryl and hear a saw buzzing away in the open garage.  I was so curious, I would watch in fascination as he cut things on a circular saw, sometimes I stared until I heard a yell from a few houses away, "Kimberlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy come hooooooooooooooomeeee!!! 

Eventually I asked him how much it would cost if he cut me some wood in the shape of Angels and let me use his paints for gifts for my mom and grandmother for Christmas.  He wouldn't take my money, and cut the angels from scraps he had.  He cut shapes for his daughter too and we painted them together.

Mom and Grandma were so surprised.  I gave them the angels, and bought candy for the kids.    My grandmother made pies and I am not sure if we had a tree that year or other gifts, but it was one Christmas I gave gifts from my heart.  Since then I try to make some ornaments or cookies, or something that is home made.  I know in this age it is not always practical to have all home made gifts, but if I could, I would. (except for the Cameo I want) heee.

Wow, this year is flying by.   Thinking about Christmas's past...

And all I wanted to talk about was preparing for college.  I always wanted to go to a better college.  Now that I am rasing a child, and one that is already half way to graduating, it is scary thinking about it.
Conrad  (as most of you know) is my precotious 9yr old nephew that we are adopting.  When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, his answer has always been to be a video game designer.  This could be a phase, but since Scott works in the video game industry for Suckerpunch productions/Sony LLC a company that design and makes video games exclusively for Sony Playstation, I think that this ambition will stick around for awhile.

There are 2 schools in our area one is Digipen Technology Institute in Redmond.
If all colleges average $10,000 for tuition, Digipen is $19,000.

Wow.  That is mind blowing. I would love to hear from some one that has paid for, or mostly paid for a college education using the GET (529 plan) or something similar and how it went.

Scott's education was very, very, expensive as he earned a Bachelors of Fine Art with honors at Pasadena's Art Center of Design. 

Maybe I need a second job?  Oh well, I will work on that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Card Kit #3

My Version of the So Cute "Ho Ho Ho" card.

I Loved Ashley Harris's "Ho Ho Ho" card so much in this seasons Papercrafts magazine (below) of course I had to make it!
I already had red cards w/envelopes, clothespins, glitter, twine, and holly stickers.
My version is a standard size card in a more traditional red instead of cranberry, the string I used is twine, not hemp, and instead of a holly stamp, I used stickers instead!
I think it still has the cute vibe, I am happy with it!

Kitchen Collections..

These hand crocheted hot pads always remind me of my great grandmother.  Alot or work went into these.  We would visit her and she would make homemade chicken soup, with a whole chicken.  The smell was warm and comforting throughout the house.  

I have a corkboard display in the kitchen so I will add them to the rest...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Card Kit #2

The "Joy" card takes some glitter letters I made for a different joy card design a few years ago.  My mom loves this card.  I am not super in love with this card, but since I have enough of the supplies to make several cards, it is a contender for next weeks class.    

I am still looking for my foam penguins that I made cards with a few years back and have several cut penguins left.  I took that card to work and was showing to a few people, our computer system designer liked it so much that I got an order for him to make 25.  It was alot of work reproducing 25.  In the end I had to change one of the paper involved as the paper was discontinued.  I stressed quite abit and realized again that I may be an artist, but working for other is not where I can achieve any pleasure.  Luckily the design was mine, and I did like it, so it wasn't that bad.  If only I could find those penguins.

Hostess Gift Card Kit

I thought this card design was so cute I had to make it.  This coming weekend I will attend a card swap.  We will all make card kits to exchange and make.  The hostess Kerry loves Halloween, so I sent this card kit gift to her as a thank you.  I think she will love it's cuteness.
This is the inspiration from Papercrafts Card Ideas for Papercrafters Volume 1.  (Available now)
"Monstrous Boo" by Vivian Masket

As you can see the differences are that my background has an embossed scallop design, and instead of 2 Rub on Monsters, I use one large doodlebug monster sticker.  The letters I use are also large scale, different font and glittered.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Series of Unfortunate Events...

By a series of unfortunate events, (that became our blessing) in April 2010 we were became the guardians of my 9yr old nephew.  

(We are far less nefarious than the dreaded Count Olaf, I can attest..Though I have been reading this as his bedtime story, and we are now on book 7!)

I wanted to wait to make the announcement once the adoption was final, FINAL.
But I just can't.

A few already know, but I can’t contain how happy I am that the adoption is well underway, and we are crossing our fingers that it will be final before the end of the year!
We are blessed.

1/1/11: We filed for Adoption proceedings (1st opportunity).
11/1/11: Weset up a college trust (529).(1st day open enrollment)

Something to ponder, I added some found commentary on the significance of the number one.:  

Chinese Superstition: The number one is In the written language, the word meaning "one" is , which also represents loneliness or unity. 

Numerology: The One: One primarily deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see Ones recurring in our lives indicates a time to exert our natural forces, take action, and start a new venture. One encourages us our action will be rewarded in kind

Spirituality: One clearly represents unity, primacy, the first, the best, the only, it has no divisors, no factors, no components, it is universal, whole and complete. One is independent of all other numbers, is the source of all other numbers. In this sense it represents God as the beginning and the end, the prime impulse, the source of creation. One usually represents God, His sovereign rule, His omnipotence, His supremacy, His unique character. One excludes all differences for there is no second with which it can either harmonize or conflict. Thus one can also represent harmony, unity or peace but because of its reference to God it also means harmony, unity or peace with God. The first of the Ten Commandments is:
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
(Excerpt credit to : By Andrew Harris 9 July 1999 ©)
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