Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scout Swim

Conrad has a great time with the scouts tonight.  He still needs more swim lessons so he can swim the deep end, but they played games in the shallow end.

Four Generations

At Chief Seattle Days we visited my Great Auntie Lee (Leona Berg-Strickland).
She showed us this picture of her Mother My Great Grandmother Meltry, her Mother Lu, and her grandmother.  Auntie Lee could not remember her grandmothers name.
And since Auntie Lee is the oldest in our family, I doubt that we will know.

Leavenworth Lodge: Beaver Valley Lodge

My mom's birthday is September 26th.  Her wish is to see the changing of the leaves this fall, and more importantly to see them on a trip to Leavenworth.  It just so happens that Leavenworth has many festivals, and one is the Changing of the Leaves that happens on my mom's birthday weekend.  We have taken her on this trip before in the fall, and the color of the leaves is just amazing... You drive along wooded highways and the mountainsides are covered in reds oranges and yellows.  So brilliantly colored they look like they are painted on.  I went online and thought, you know let's make a weekend of it this time. 
There are several very Bavarian styled Chalets and Inns in Leavenworth.  If you are like me, you do not necessarily need to be right in the middle of things.  The outskirts are better, less traffic, less noise, because face it, when you do get to your room, you want to be able to sleep.  I find it hard to settle in when I hear late night noises.  It is hard enough being away from your own bed, you should at least get some good sleep.  So I showed mom quite a few hotels and we both settled on the very beautiful
 as you will see, click on the word The Beaver Valley Lodge and you will see that it is breathtaking.  Only 20 minutes from Leavenworth, unique grounds, a themed restaurant nearby, an excuse to drive around the country, we were sold. 

My favorite thing is to plan little trips like this, collecting memories that we can look back on with fondness..This coming weekend we will be in Port Townsend, another Pacific Northwest favorite of ours to celebrate our 3yr anniversary.  There we stay at the Palace hotel.  Click here on the word, The Palace Hotel and it will direct link you to take you to see it.  The history is rich and also very amusing, we love it so much!

I know quite a few people that would love to know more about Leavenworth, where to stay, etc.  I will give a full report on the Lodge.

Hey all. Check out The Palace Hotel!

and the The Beaver Valley Lodge!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Memories Suite Giveaway : Postponed

August is when we take our family vacations.  Our anniversary is in August, and Chief Seattle Days is in August, and it is the last few weeks before school starts, the weather typically peaks, so we really try to get out as much as we can.

I am afraid that due to lack of posting interest, and time this month for me to fully check out this product, I will not participate in this giveaway at this time.

Please do check out the Memory suites sight if you are interested, and I recommend to do a google search for "Memory Suites giveaway" as there are other bloggers out there that you can get a chance to win the free software from!

There will be another chance once school starts and things go back to normal crazy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chief Seattle Days 2011

Well were off tomorrow to Chief Seattle Days.  We are excited as this is like Christmas for moms side of the family, the time where she gets to see her brother's and sisters and we see cousins and now all the cousins kids that are getting so grown up.  Wow, I remember like yesterday the cousins as kids and I was about 15 babysitting them as they ran around the play ground...Now some have 15 year old's of their own.

"What a drag it is getting old." - Mick Jagger

Ok, that is a bit harsh.  These are my best years.  I have the best husband, know that my mother is taken care of and safe as she ages, we are raising a wonderful boy, and am blessed to be able to travel (a little) as much as I can to see places I want to see.
So these are the best of times. 

That does not mean my knees are not creaking....  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blown Radiator

Leaving work to pick up Conrad at Summer Sports Camp, my car flashed a message for low coolant.  This is nothing too bad, and could usually wait til I got to a auto parts store.  Cooincidentally, I was 1/2way to the camp when I pulled over to make a call.  The dust from the turnoff area spilled up and, kept spilling up and I realized it was actually smoke from my car.   Holy crap, was my car on fire?  No, though the radiator was spewing water allover.. Geesh.  The HERO husband arrived and put coolant in, confirmed the radiator was in fact leaking and need replaced.  I followed him to get Conrad, then to O'Reillys auto parts.  We picked up a new radiator, went and grabbed a Jersey Mikes sub then headed home.  He spent the evening fixing this. And I glowed with admiration that the man I married is such a super HERO.  Lucky me.

As I beamed at him, the radiator coming out got stuck and politely my husband advised I had better go back in the house now.  Apparently Scott's best method for working in a tight situation under frustration is to cuss the tar out of the thing irking him.  He is right, it is not a pretty sight.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Memory Suite Software Giveaway by Mymemories.com

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I know some of you do like keeping memories, but feel it is all to much work to prepare them the way that you really want to, or you have too little time. I have been introduced to a fun new software from my memories that is fun, fast and easy. My Memories  Memory Suite is the #1 software for scrapbooking.

And even if you do NOT scrapbook,or digital scrapbook on a regular basis, this down loadable software will amaze you and enable you to do alot of the fun pages that you see on other blogs, without the cost of very expensive digital programs, and with very little experience. Now really, if I did not have Photoshop, I would JUMP at the chance to have this!

You may have a really EXCELLENT chance at winning this for FREE!!!
I will be checking out his product in more detail... and let you know more about it, where to get it , and how easy it is to use.

Please let me know your interest!!
I will try out this software, and review my results, and post more details....

Again, the MORE comments the better.  Are you interested?!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend

Conrad, Mom & I went to the local Kirkland Performance Theatre and saw the all teen and under play "The Wizard of Oz." Ages 9-19 were in the play, and 80 kids in all. Mom was hesitant to go, and complained quite a bit really. When you get older you really are aware of your surroundings. She was sure that it would be too crowded, too hot, uncomfortable, and just not a good time with the crowd. Well, I convinced her to not complain too much until she really had something to complain about. "If it turns out you do not like the show Mom, Scott is minutes away, I will call him and he will just come pick you up." That helped. The play was simply amazing. I teared up in the very beginning at the "Over the Rainbow" song. The actresses playing Dorothy, the Wicked witch of the West, and Glenda the good witch, all sounded spot on. You really felt you were in the movie whenever you saw the good witch Glenda. All of the singers were excellent. At only $15 per person, I felt we cheated the show, YES, it was that good. The scarecrow sounded exactly like Ray Bolger... The tin man EXCELLENT. And the cowardly lion was adorable. The scarecrow's moves were like looking at a young Dick Van Dyke.. Simply amazing. We were in awe, and truly had an amazing time.
Scott worked in the garage on the Pontiac engine, and when we got home at 10:30pm, announced he was sick.
We stayed home and hung around. We did go to brunch at the local favorite Cafe in Woodinville, but then spent the rest of the day home.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Pontiac Progress

Hood scoop detail

Black primed hood with custom scoop

Gotta love that face...

Conrad's Sensei pulled me aside and said that she was very glad that Conrad helped a new boy in Karate the other day. And when he was done he went over to the boy's older brother and told him that the boy did a good job, and gave a thumbs up. How cool is that.

I think Conrad was about 5 or 6 here... This was a face I was given when I asked for "say cheese"....
Digital design credits: Clutterbuggy Designs Weave paper, Poppies Kit. (mine).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pontiac Progress

Scott sent his monstrous black Pontiac Ventura off to Fenders & Fins in Woodinville to have the body work done.

I have seen the pictures, and I would cry if my car was all torn apart like this. Scott could not be happier. He has worked so hard in life and waited so long to have his dream begin to be realized. To have his car be restored.

Today he went to Fenders & Fins to retrieve the forward lamp harness to mail to Lectric Limited who will rebuild it. What the heck is that you ask.. A bunch of wiry cable junk sitting un unnervingly on the coffee table in front of me. My husband says I can't believe that you are unnerved by a wire harness. "That is weird."

Well.. it is scary looking. And just plain gross. (I will have to take a picture as it looks like large plugs with dirty wires all over like Medusa hair..

There is one piece that Scott had altered that is really custom and not at all what the 66 Pontiac Venturas looked like. Scott had a really rad hood scoop added. Man, it looks Bad a$$... Truly Cool. When this project is finished, Scott looks forward to joining an Auto Club and will occasionally attend Auto shows to show it off. I know that Conrad will love this too, they are really alot alike in that they like mechanical things.

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