Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little Tradition...

On the way home I was thinking about the Missouri family. I have been talking to my sister quite abit. Not really about bonding things or wedding things. Laura's birthday is a few days before the wedding and she wants to spend a few quality days with mom since she has the week off for the wedding and her birthday. So we have been trying to coordinate days, etc..

This got me to thinking about Scott's sisters and how I wish they were up here or I was down there so they could be more a part of the wedding. Like a flash it "popped" into my head.... That little rhyme..

Something old, Something new
Something borrowed, Something blue, ....
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

So I grabbed a Starbuck's and scuttled home fast to call Scott's mom Karin.
How perfect!!! there are 3 sister's and his mom, that is 4, and there are 4 something's!!

The Silver Sixpence......well, I have an idea!

So I called and it was only 9:00 there, Wheeeew, not too late! It was nice chatting with Karin. She is great. So of course her son is great too.

I must remember to give that man a hug and a kiss for her when he gets home!

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