Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Estate Sale!!!!

Mom, Scott and I just love them.
Scott and and I were actually supposed to be just getting exercise and were walking from an across town park around town when we came across an estate sale. We saw it as we were driving to the park, it did feel like " break time."
The house belonged to a long time resident that past that was born in the smaller house next to the one with the sale 98 years before. The house interior was decorated from the 5o's or before. The cupboards and all appliances from the 30's. It was amazing to see. Fold down Finish type kitchen table and chair sets and it was all antiques in there. Mostly all was sold or not our style overpriced or not for sale.
Except the lamps. The shades on them were large round gaudy antique white stained monsters that hid the beauty (almost) but I seen them and had to have them. No price on them made me cringe, I smiled when I finally did see $20 on them, and hotdog, it was for the pair!
They are smaller in size and meant for side tables in a bedroom, that is where they were, in the bedroom. For now I have them in the dining area. They remind me of the kind my grandmother had, though hers were much larger and meant for the living room.
Gotta love a deal!
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