Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tubing at Snoqualmie Summit

It rained like crazy this weekend, though Saturday was the lightest day. Conrad had a super day! We met the cub scouts at the 10:25am Woodinville movie of Megamind! Afterwards we went home and quickly changed into Snow Tubing gear and with crazed smiles headed to the Summit! Just as you reach the summit, the rain turns to snow and you are in a Snow Globe winter wonderland. Our ancestry goes back to the icy blooded Norwegians, so we were right at home in the wonderful weather up there.
The tubing sessions are 2 hours, and once you go down and up the hills, you find this is plenty. Except for us! We could have stayed until closing if we could. We were all warm and even though the wind blew the snow right into your eyeballs and you closed them tight as you shot down the hill screaming, Oh that was just me... was it??!!
Well, I still loved it. All three of us had a blast!
I brought ham and large burger buns for the snack and we hungrily ate them once we got the car warmed up and snow free for the drive home.

Scott is sick, so he was not happy to stay home..Next time...

I hope that your weekend was equally as enjoyable!

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