Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine Candy Boxes

As I scour thrift stores for nifty finds, if I run across an inexpensive red candy box, especially the nice Godiva ones that are in perfect shape, and they are cheap, I get them. "Why?"

I glue on ribbon, flowers, buttons, whatever strikes my fancy. You can use lace, felt, or you can add toys for a fun twist for kids. I love polka dots, adding black, and poppies. Brown with pinks is so "in."

I will line the bottom and glue in mini cupcake liners.

It is ready to fill with anything (try the hershey mini candy bars pack with a favorite, and give. or fill with little fun things too. You can also put in Andy mints, gum, a variety of specialties if you like. If it was for me, I would fill with the raspberries and blackberries candy, mini milky ways, and the chocolate cherries and Andys mints...I am just getting carried away thinkin' of luscious scrumptious sweets!

Now, it is ready to give!

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