Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blackberry Mania

Blackberries are so scarce in Utah, 
they are referred to as 
"Black Gold." 

Jason and Kim had some down time here one of the days of their visit ( I had a dental appt. for a few hours) and so they went to a picking spot I told them about.  In about and hour and a half they filled a cooler to take back home to make preserves.

Conrad wanted us to go too, so this afternoon when mom was in the Library, we went.

 They are so abundant here
 that in 20 minutes
 Conrad and I filled a large container this afternoon.  
I bought 4 angel food mini's and made blackberry ice cream cups.

My berry strainer is decorated in cute berries.
kdaygirl said...

Jelous! I want more blackberries! We Have canned a few batched of berries, I like your idea of blackberry shortcake.

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