Monday, November 25, 2013

Final Festive Friday!: PARADE of CARDS I Promised!!!

Final Festive Friday!

My Final Festive Friday for this year!
I made this snowy city scene tag late last night (I am so late in posting so now it is the other night....)
for my card club, and knew it was perfect for the final challenge.
The final challenge is pick your favorite!

My favorite was SNOW.

Well I have a Parade of Cards for you, First of all I have all of the cards 
that we made at our recent Card Club -And my Festive Friday Cards too!

My husband's friend's from High School are Rob and James McDaniel.
All three came from Missouri to settle in the Eastside (East of Seattle in Washington State)
Their wives are card makers too!  
Wow, what a surprise to find this!!!
Of course we quickly came to form a card club and meet at least 
every 5-6 weeks for the last 3 years now.

I post this to snow, and list ALL of the Card Club Cards for this Month -
Followed by the Festive Friday Cards I have made all year!!!


Loved this card so much from the recent CASology Triangle, that 
I had hoped they would love it too!
Ok, it was a hit I think...I LOVE IT!!

And Now: 
Presenting the Classic Card Designer: Liz McDaniel!

And now on to Kerry McDaniel a Fun and Whimsical Card Designer:
(I ADORE that she mails out 33+ cards for EVERY single occasion, and I thank my lucky stars I am on the list as a receiver!!!)

And now Linda Isenson!!  She can pull of fun and Elegant both so wonderfully!!

And now we have Alexandria!  Alexandria is a hard working
student that is pretty busy and joins us when she can.  She can also do fun and fresh!

I apologize this is so blurryyyyyy.... Did not want to cooperate. I will try again.


That was it, and my first card was this retro lovely.
Happy Crafting!

Tenia Nelson said... have been super busy, Miss Lady!! Awesome CARDS!! :)

cm said...

Wow, wow and wow! Every card here is a 1,000 watt jolt of delight and inspiration! Beautiful gallery of your 'club card' creations, followed by a spectacular show of your Festive Fridays, that are, indeed, most festive, most pretty, and most fabulous! I so needed a visit here today: "sparkles" officially added!

Shannon J said...

What a fabulous walk down memory lane! Or should I say in Winter Wonderland! I was inspired all over again by each and every one of these! They are all so creative, and so gorgeous! You are one talented girl! Loved the showcase of the card club cards too - what fun this must be for you ladies to get together!

Meredith MacRitchie said...

Oh my gosh Kim, what a post!! Thank you so much for all your support and enthusiasm for our challenge. The whole team has loved seeing all of your entries, and I am so glad you love it so much. I can't wait to see you in 2014!!

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