Monday, September 8, 2014

Unique Blog Hop!

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Unique Blog Hop!

I have been nominated by the Queen of CASology Melissa Chipperfield to the "Unique Blog Hop."  Melissa nominated me on this post, (HERE) on her blog "Oh Smudge" -- so go check out more about the talented Melissa Chipperfield.  You will love her photography as well as her fun and humorous creativity.  

Melissa took a gamble on my "CAS ness" when she accepted me on the team over a year ago.. (wow time flies when you are having fun!!!).  Since then I really look forward to each challenge to sharpen my CAS skills with the team.
The entire team is so dedicated and wonderful.  I am very thankful to be a part of this very talented collaboration of creative inspiring ladies.

So here I go.... A little about myself.

What are you currently working on?
Currently I am working on getting ready for a Halloween Craft Off!  I have gathered most of my favorite stamps, papers, and embellishments so a fellow crafter and I can make cards for the better part of an afternoon.  I am always getting ready for some craft event or other.  Thankfully, I have some pretty crafty friends that like to get together regularly.  

I put some of my favorite cards on my desk at work (Yeah... go figure, I work FT... wish it wasn't so..(!!)...sometimes for inspiration.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I guess my style is just on the bolder side comparatively.  I love all types of cardmaking and dabble in all styles that I fancy.  I think I am more focused on a CAS style than others, though I love layers and DP!

What inspires your work?
I am inspired by bloggers, regular bloggers that enter challenges like I do.  Varying in experience and styles, I love seeing all of their inspiring designs.  I love the trend using distress inks, sponging and emboss resist.

How does your creative process work?
I usually am commenting on my lovely DT entry cards that have been entered to gallery posts when I see other challenges that are going on. I see a challenge and if it appeals to me I usually get an idea right away.  Now I have a few fellow co-conspirators that we all egg each other on.  Mentally I run through possible stamps or dies that may work for my challenge inspiration.  I usually act impulsively and throw my idea out there.  Usually the card comes together pretty fast, and a first run.  If I have to think too hard, or work too hard for my design to come together, it usually does turn out to be a card that I am happy with.  Sometimes I am lucky, and other times I fall short.  Either way, I am happy to create, as even my cards that fall short of my expected mark, are still an expression of what I am creatively doing at the moment, something to be celebrated and shared.  I know I have had my bio information out here quite a bit, so if there is anything you would like to know that I haven't already blogged, let me know.  

More interestingly, 
My favorite ice cream: 
-The answer is Pistachio., German Chocolate Cake, ..and Tiramisu.

Now it's my turn to introduce a designer to you! 
So now I will nominate another crafter that has kindly agreed to the Unique Blog Hop.  I have nominated Kristie Goulet of Kreative Kristie. I have admired Kristie's clean and crisp talent for a long time.   I can't wait to hear more about Kristie.  

Stay tuned, tomorrow I nominate another wonderful creative artist!!!!!!!

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh

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OH Babs said...

What a fun post and we get to know a little more about you. Thanks again for recommending MM and congrats to you and me on HM. The cards you posted on this entry are all great and I love the Halloween witch and the blending. Have a fun and creative week.

May Park said...

Loved reading more about you, lovely Kimberly! So nice to learn how you come up with your amazing creations, too.

Judy1223 said...

Great to read a little more about you, Kimberly!

~amy~ said...

Yay Kimberly! Always love to learn more about you!

Melissa said...

It's so great to learn more about you Kimberly! Seeing all those cards lined up makes me want to get stamping! :)

Irish Cherokee said...

Nice job Kimberly. - Jim

cm said...

Getting to know more about you is always a delight; you're filled with all kinds of wonderful 'tidbits' that make you ever so unique! You're a gem in every way. German chocolate cake...yummmm!

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