Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Halloween Cards!

A pal of mine LOVES Halloween.
She decorates her home every year. 
Her hubby, 
(happens to be my DH's BF) 
decorates their window for Halloween.
They are so artistic!!!!

They also do Zombie Walk! 
Too cool...
Here is a link to see all of the AMAZING
art he does each year for their
(not sure is you have to be a FB friend or not..-Let me
know if you can't see, and I will find a way to post them!)

One of my FAVE pictures 
of Rob and Kerry!
A pic of them going to a Halloween Party....

aka bride of Frankenstien, the Invisible Man...........(I think?)

So I was at Kerry's SUNDAY ..most of the day..
My aftermath of sinus congestion
 was kicking my but..
However I did create some
 "slap together" cards 
and a 5 page Halloween MINI 
Scrap Album...

(YAyyy Me!!!!)

Need to add pics of the Boy in costumes...

Cover Page:
I did the eyes like Scoooooby Doooooo!
I sure loved the Mystery Machine!
(okay...still do!)

Check it above...
Kerry had Washi that HAS the creepy eyes!!!
 snatched it right outta her hands
 and put it right on here!
Together.....ok, just Kerry has enough Halloween crafts stuff..
to put us to shame.... 
REALLY... I admit I have a healthy collection.
Her collection.... totally INSANE!

LOVE last years SU Monster Paper, See them below...
FUSSY cut and CUTE as can be!

So what did you think?
I had a BLAST!


Now it is your turn to get crafty!!!............

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh
~amy~ said...

Super fun!!!!!

SD pooja said...

Loved this Halloween FUN !

Diane Jaquay said...

These are adorable!! My sister and her husband go all out for Halloween too, they must have thousands of dollars worth of decorations, it's crazy lol!

OH Babs said...

All I can say is "talented friends stick together." Wow great scrap album and incredible costumes. Sorry about the sinus infection, ugh.

Kim Heggins said...

Kimberly....these are just so much fun. I love your whimsical look your created with your cards.

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