Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CASology: Vehicle!

Hello CASology Peeps!
Still having a great time seeing the AMAZING 
CASology Design Team
Craft Space Tours!!!

I think we all like to see where others create, their
space and also their homes.  It makes me 
feel closer and warm too.

This is my second card.. 
The first I felt may not be easily replicated.
  It was so fun...
I sometimes get carried away wanting to color!

This card my friends can be whipped up pretty fast!
..And you can do many colors..

Guest Designer:  Susan

Sponsor: Cindy B Designs

I HOPE you are inspired to Create!!!!

JOIN US at CASology!

Also be sure to visit the rest of the team too!

Kimberly Wiener --you are here


Now it is your turn to get crafty!!!............

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh

Here is the first card I made.
I just thought it would be cute to have a 
Christmas Tree in a camper..
My MR says it technically is not a vehicle..It is a trailer... He is a little Spoiler!..
I sure am going to miss him though..he will be visiting family for 2 weeks day after tomorrow.
I took advantage of the airline discount going on ...He has not seen them in far too long!
(I guess I can share.....though I am feeling like I don't want to as the time gets closer!)

~amy~ said...

Awwwwww Both are awesome!

Ardyth said...

Interesting. I would think that the trailer is a vehicle. It's not self propelled or anything, but it's got wheels. Now I have to go find a dictionary! lol! Love both of these!

Joyce said...

Both of these are just wonderful. I think most of us girls would consider both of them vehicles. Men!! Keep on crafting and the time will fly by until your sweetie is home again.

Happy Dance said...

Stay busy, use FT, call often, and craft, craft, craft. Time will fly, trust me.... Love both of your little vehicles! In my world, if it has wheels then it qualifies as a vehicle, lol. Two great cards, Kimberly! Awesome coloring too. You rock, girlfriend. Bev

Claire Broadwater said...

Both of these cards are ADORABLE!!!! I have a friend that just bought a camper and I love the beetle bug! SO FUN!!!!!!!! XX

Michelle said...

Your skills are amazing! Beautiful cards!

Lisa Elton said...

Love your little red VW, this is cute!! Safe travels to your Mr.!!

Anonymous said...

These cards are SO cute! My husband absolutely loves your car with the Christmas tree one on the roof! It totally made him chuckle!

OH Babs said...

What do husbands know? That is such a guy thing to say (and mine would say the same thing). Us girls would call it a vehicle. Is a trike a vehicle? I love the card.

Judy1223 said...

Kimberly, BOTH cards are fabulous!

Hannelie said...

So CAS ! So beautiful!

karen @ carefree creations said...

Both of these are awesome! I *love* how perfectly CAS these are!

Melissa said...

Now THIS would be a sight to see in real life...a bug with a tree on top! :) I do love those cute bugs! I keep telling my hubby that someday when the kids are grown and gone I may just want one in bright yellow. ;) He just smiles. Love your little camper too! I'd consider it a vehicle myself, but these hubbies of ours tend to get a little technical. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberly!! I love your miniture car!! Its super cute and that mini tree is fantastic too. Great job.

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