Friday, December 11, 2015

Team Building!

A few of my coworkers during our daily meeting. They hear about my cardmaking ALL the time.  They joked that someday we should have a cardmaking time.  Two of the team were traveling for work and so with a shorter number and a Friday, I decided that we could do a quick card!

Now alot of you know by now I have been with my company for a long time.  23 going on 24 years to be precise.  So doing a team building exercise is totally expected of me...LOL. 

Here is part of my team, all SMILES!  I was so impressed by them and happy that we took some time to be creative.  It really brought spirits up!

GO GET CREATIVE!  It really does change your attitude!

Digital Overlays and Supplies: Designer Digitals: Studio Double D and Katie Pertiet
(MY FAVE Digital Element Designers!)


Now it is your turn to get crafty!!!............

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh


Vicki Dutcher said...

LOVE that first page! Turned out awesome~

Diane Jaquay said...

Yay for being a card making ambassador, Kimberly! Love the page and the happy faces of your coworkers!

Kim Heggins said...

Wow...any openings in your department??? What a fun idea and I love seeing all your fabulous photso.

Lisa said...

Sounds like good times Kimberly!! LOVE your pages, so pretty!!