Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lights, Tinsel, Trim and the Fun Decor!

These wonderful elves were a gift from Scott's sister Charlene & brother in law Ro. Christmas time in Missouri is a high energy loud and laughing time with family and smiles.
Of and on growing up we lived with at my mom's mom's - grandma Anne's house. I remember on the mantle near the Christmas stockings and by the old clock she had the original elves that these elves are a reproduction of, I thought they were maybe a little devious looking.
So not only seeing them again, but getting a set of our very own brings back memories of a different time. A time of family gatherings of making a holiday meal with what you could, and my favorite - all kinds of authentic great grandma and grandma's pies.
I love these guys!
Sad to say, it is time to put Christmas sugar plums away.

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