Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift

My mom and I went to my absolute favorite craft store in the world today. Ben Franklin of Monroe, WA. Objective, a few little things for Valentine's Day projects, and some stickers for the neices and nephews.
For $1.99 I picked up this heart, printed a wedding pic and "blinged" it out.
It is ready as a gift for Scott to hang off his art room door.
He has been hard at work on the yearly comic that he and a group of his friends put together. So I have only seen him at meal times more, or less, since he came back from Missouri.
A little over the top with the stickers, but a great way for him to see that I care and am thinking about him as he comes and goes to work on his art related work in his room.
Whatcha think?

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