Monday, August 23, 2010

The Suquamish Pow Wow (aka Chief Seattle Days), was vastly different than what I remember as a kid.

We would sneak away and walk down the hill from Grandma's. You would walk briskly glancing over your back because you pass the cemetary on the way. Just before you reach the bottom of the hill, on your right would be the large totem pole overlooking the bay. There was a large open area for the salmon cooking. My uncle Gene did it when I was a kid. And the smell was awesome on cedar planks. A large area of cement covered the ground called "the slab."

There was a large white building that was our summer school with Jimmy Forsman. He is a great guy. No longer a open fire pit, the meal is served cafeteria style. No longer a large white building, but a long house on the other side of the grass.
No more "slab."

No longer a totem pole. And the arched canoes that crossed over the Chief Seattle gravesite are gone as well.

On this day, however, the skies were open and blue, cloudless. The dancers were magnificent. And I sat with family and friends to see the Aztec dancers capivate all who watched. Like being hypnotized you could not look away.

And it was nice to have my mom sit and be there.
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