Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memories of Ruby Beach

In the summer it is too rough to try to get up north to Ruby Beach. So we did not get a chance this summer.. Maybe next summer.

Everyone is trying to go to the ocean for their little piece of heaven that is the break away from the forlorn and rainy Seattle. Work crews cause delays and distracts from the enjoyment if you let it. The long drive past Crescent Lake alone makes this trek very much worth it.

If you have never been to Ruby Beach it is amazing. When you step foot on the sands and walk the ocean tossed rocks, you feel like you came upon this wondrous discovery yourself. You are the explorer of the Pacific Northwest. Then you look around and realize that there are other beachcombers. You carefully tread towards the expansive shore and never ending waves to see the large rocks jutting from the ocean.

I can't wait to go back. Here is what I saw last time I was there.

My Scott, ahead of me, looking back at me with a wide smile.

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