Sunday, September 19, 2010

Frindle.......What is a Frindle?

We went to curriculum night at the school on Thursday. We met Miss Gramley and she explained what the 3rd graders will learn this year. We were encouraged to read their journals and the note that they left on the desks for us.
In Conrad's journal he talked about a "Frindle." Frindle is a book that Miss Gramley is reading aloud to class. The Frindle is a charachter that is a pen.
Conrad says he is trying to have everyone at school change the name of all pens to Frindle..
Kinda Cute.
I thought so too.
So I made him this little envelope for him to find a few Frindle's of his own.
I only named them Friendle's spelling it diffently...
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