Monday, September 6, 2010

Jefferson County Museum

Port Townsend was the port of entry and customs point for the shipping industry back in the day. The builders and town founders believed that Port Townsend would be the shipping capital as they are the "bottle neck" of the Puget Sound. They were intended to be the "Seattle" of the Pacific Northwest with the aide of the Railroad. With these intentions of grandeur all the buildings were fashioned straight from the high style of the New York architecture of that day. The Railroad backed out and Port Townsend met it's end as the reigning customs point as Seattle and Tacoma lobbied to Olympia for the rights of Customs Entry Point, and won.

We learned alot at the Jefferson County Museum. The museum was the courthouse, firestation and the police department and jail. And we were the first ones in as they opened the doors. Which we were grateful as Conrad was "flighty."

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