Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spaceman and Sock Monkey

Orignal ART BY: Marisa Haedike Spaceman & Sock Monkey is a wonderful whymsical space adventure with the cute astronaut and his sidekick the sock monkey.

I started by resizing. The original art is 18x18, and this repro is 8x8. Step by step you see my process to have this come together.

Of course since I have not painted since art classes in college, my repro wil not be an exact identical piece. But I am happy to say no major mess ups, and it is very close to being finished... (not bad in 3 hours..) But the perfectionist in me says I need more practice...

Now I am finished. I could not make the stars as beautiful as the original piece, but hey I tried.
Please note this reproduction is not, and was not for sale. It was lovingly reproduced one time only in acrylic and sized 8x8 as a gift.
Are we there yet? said...

Wow!!! So cute!!! You are so talented!!!! I can't wait to see these hanging in bubba's room!!!!!!

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