Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Card Kit #2

The "Joy" card takes some glitter letters I made for a different joy card design a few years ago.  My mom loves this card.  I am not super in love with this card, but since I have enough of the supplies to make several cards, it is a contender for next weeks class.    

I am still looking for my foam penguins that I made cards with a few years back and have several cut penguins left.  I took that card to work and was showing to a few people, our computer system designer liked it so much that I got an order for him to make 25.  It was alot of work reproducing 25.  In the end I had to change one of the paper involved as the paper was discontinued.  I stressed quite abit and realized again that I may be an artist, but working for other is not where I can achieve any pleasure.  Luckily the design was mine, and I did like it, so it wasn't that bad.  If only I could find those penguins.
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