Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day dreaming of Hawaii...

Now that the weather is getting better, maybe I will stop day dreaming of Hawaii. This photo is a favorite of mine. Scott is sitting in the Olympic Cafe drawing during our stay in 2007. This island was so magical, he proposed on the boat ride coming back from the lush fern grotto on the Wailua River as hula dancers danced the "honeymoon" dance/song. We then ate at the restaurant and called our parents to tell them. I ordered a pineapple with it cut out and filled with tropical fruits of all kinds. It was such a nice day.

We agreed that maybe we would not go back to the garden island as we wanted to keep those memories sacred, and we would discover another island together.

Next spring we will discover town of  Honokowai on the west coast of Maui. Believe it or not rooms are filling up this far in advance.

I am reading two books about Maui as I want to know everything about the places I go before I go.

Well, that has pretty much been on my mind lately. I better shuffle off to bed.  G'night.

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