Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goofy Leprechaun.. I miss you!

Scott is away for a few days and I really miss him.  We took some goofy pictures and together we just laughed as I put this leprechaun pipe on his picture in photoshop..  He is just so much fun.  I told him all of us were going to have our picture taken for a St. Patrick's Day card.

He took a few goofy ones of me, but when I saw them, I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. So..maybe I will post them.. but I think that they are hazardous.

"Dear Scott,
This morning as I tried to get Conrad out of bed, I was ignored, with blankets pulled tightly overhead, I was met with struggles, half kicks and several stop touching me's.   I swear it took 15 minutes with counting, tickling, every trick in the book to get him up.  Then he promptly went onto the top bunk and told me I had to toss him his clothes because he was getting dressed up on the top bunk. 
"No, I do not think so, come down, dress yourself!" He pops down and we preceed to have a 5 minute conversation, when I asked him to put clean socks on, of how he does not have any, and I pulled his drawers full of new socks, and he does not like the new socks, he wants knee high, and what color, and yada yada  yada.... and so forth and so on... until I do not care if he is wearing dirty socks. 
Fed up I turned and said, if you want a sleepover, you had better do what needs to be done and went up stairs.

Then as I needed to dash out the door to work (calculating I am 1/2 hour late so far), I was informed it was time to assist mom with a stressed out scratching miss Lucy Kitty to have drops put in her eyes. Meantime Conrad was told to get shoes on several times.

He would not put on his shoes on time, and I had to hustle the trash to the curb and dash to work.

Scott, I appreciate (especially this morning) all that you do when I have already left for work.  The craziness of getting a 9yr old that is not a morning person, is a straggler, has an answer for everything or questions for nothing when you just need something done.  The work on getting him dressed, fed, brushed, and medicated and on to school on time.
I appreciate you give my mom a kind word each day, when this morning I know I snarled like a wildebeest about "Everyone better have a better morning after this" as I stomped out dragging the trash out the door...
So thanks for all that you do, especially what I do not know about when your morning goes haywire and you just muddle through it as you also are trying to wake up.

You are the best.
Love Kimberly Anne

Dear Kim, Conrad was difficult.... that never happens.... yeah, that's a lie. :)
I liked your letter, LOVES YOU

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