Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We are enjoying a quiet day.  We had steak and eggs for breakfast .....and afterwards we all watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and savored a pumpkin cupcake.

I had Pumpkin creamer coffee with mine.   Ahh the holidays.  Conrad is still in his Marvel comic book character Pj's Karin bought him for Christmas (he loves them to death, and they fit just right).  I admit I am still in my robe too, perusing card crafter blogs. 

I found the Simon Stamp Card Challenge Blog that you can earn a $50 in mechandise at their store.  You had better believe that within half an hour I had a card ready!

Scott, what is he up to?  Well... he is in his studio/study/den/office/man cave.  He retreated there when I put on Shrek Ever After on the TV as background.  He hollered "And I am locking the door so I can get some Christmas Shopping done!" 

I am crazed at the holidays.  Scott will announce some time after Thanksgiving that he has got my present.  Then I proceed to ask what is it?  And bug him relentlessly until Christmas.  He never gives in.  I think he loves that surprises drive me mad!

I have to hand it to him.. If I had me on my back, I would tell me just to get me quiet!  And honestly, that is my tactic..try to have him give in.   I have even stooped to tell him that Conrad has already told me what it is.  Of course that will not work as he does not tell a soul.  Though in my mind I imagine him at his office a work with his office mate listening to him tell him what he bought his wife, and laughing that she is going bonkers trying to get it out of him.  Arghhhhhh.  Thanks ROY!

Calling Scott Roy is an inside joke. 

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