Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Daily Album 2012

And the excitement of it all:

The cookies were actually good.

I have not had my phone very long. So I have not really played with taking videos. I couldn't locate the flip fast enough, so I took a clip of mom reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. Of course it was sideways when I viewed it... Whooops.

I did get a few pictures so I was thrilled to add this one to my album.

Time to see who's naughty or nice.  
The shelf elf's will report back to Santa tonight.

Transparency Page

The bottom of this picture is all the presents wrapped up!

Love the shelf elves.
(Thanks Charlene and Ro!)

We went to the Crystal Creek Cafe today for a late lunch - early dinner.
It was quiet and nice.
The prime rib dip and fries hit the spot.
I enjoyed a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie ala mode.

Conrad celebrated his "official" one year birthday from the date we adopted him on Friday.
He loved it.
All the attention, the cake, blowing out the candle, and just having a special time with all of us around.

Today I wanted out of the box. The journaling box that is.
so I pinted the same size as the photos and journaled within.
(CK freefont Becky Higgins)

The pie page is adhered to a few inches of transparency large dot paper.

Day 20 of the December Dailys.

If you are looking here, you too are intrigued by the every day magic that leads to Christmas. I love to look at other December Daily posts just for a peek at every day magical moments and just sigh a big sigh knowing that others are enjoying this season as well.
So I am thankful.

I have a few typos, and you know..I let them slide.
I like that sometimes.

I hope that you are enjoying this season.

Tonight after Karate, the long way home Bellevue Way to Kirkland, the stop at the house with the large wreath on the roof!.. Well you can't see it in this photo..

Sparkly bling -a-bling!

Card making at least 2 a week.
Karin's Cookies arrived, wow, these will disappear fast! ...Oh Scott took them and hid them from me!

Red Glitter!
Sweet boy.  Homework first.  That's the ticket!

Cookie Exchange for Scouts:

Dinner at the Olive Garden with my sweet boys.
Scott says when his family sees this, they will think he looks like a poor homeless man.. Well, he does need a trim
 - all over.  But to me, he looks just terrific.
It is a great night!

Some journaling. 
I love this photo of my little helper.

Growing up right before our eyes.

A wonderful surprise visit from a little Angel.

Sometimes something small is a miracle. 


Sights around the house

Making cards for Christmas, loved it!


The Rise of the Guardians, Super awesome.

Wow finished the cover of the Christmas Album!
Dustin, Conrad and I put out lights in the yard this year!
The banister Roly -Poly Snowmen

Large glittery Believe I put atop the TV cabinet

The glittery Reindeer for the wreath on the front door. 
Love the red aginst the black.

Conrad puts on the tree topper star


December starts with the winning TBirds hockey game


December Daily is documenting the days to Christmas.
Here is what I have so far, I have added one journal page so you can see that on the left hand side (or back sides) of the pages, they are fully journaled, though I haven't added them all here. (yay on getting them mostly done...though not all are completed..
Absolutely love the felt fluffy stars with silver

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Page Protectors: WeR Memory Keepers 5x7
Digital: Katie Pertiet and Ali Edwards
JBarretts Kitchy Digitals 
Stickers: Me and MyBigIdeas
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Life At 50 Something said...

LOVE your dd!!! SOOOO wonderfully done!!!!

Kelly Griglione said...

And ... ummm ... a half hour later I'm completely filled up with December Daily inspiration from this awesome post!! WOW, Kimberly, just WOW!! Way to go on such a wonderful album! I particularly love all the editing you did on your photos, especially the one of your mom reading the Christmas story ... it looks magical! Great idea on making a flip book. Ali's template works well to give you space to add embellishments, but it doesn't seem overwhelming to complete either (like a whole page would be). So kind of you to post all the pages here for reference. You really do get a feel for one family's life in December. Thanks again, Kimberly, for all the cheerleading! I really need it and in fact I'm totally inspired to head back into the craft room today. Wish me luck!

You're the best : )


Jane said...

Kimberly I adore this album. I'm so inspired by your photos - you really know how to do it right! I so hope you'll be joining in and blogging about it this year. Feeling really blessed to have met such a generous spirit like you - love that we keep in touch like this. Hugs xx

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