Saturday, December 22, 2012

1 Year Adopted Birthday

I never knew this, but when you adopt a child, and not only for newborns, they are given a brand new Birth Certificate with your name as the parent.  Scott and I are both now on a  legal Birth Certificate of Conrad's that he was born unto us on December 21st 2011.

Well, I do not know any kid who does NOT want to celebrate 2 birthdays, especially at Christmas time. We promised he would get a 2nd birthday and we will celebrate with him.   Lucky Kid.

December 21, 2011

December 21, 2012

Yes, he really need a hair cut!
We turned out the lights, so the rest will look dark, but I wanted to capture him blowing out his "1" candle.

I love this so goofy picture!


He had a choice of a mini cake or a caramel apple.  Safeway had some really enormous caramel apples decorated with Christmas snowmen, etc. 
When we saw this little round Rudolph, I had a feeling he would choose it!

Years ago mom had a fiber optic tree.  She asked for one this year.  I told her,
"Mom, they do NOT even make those anymore."  I knew that this would be a Christmas where mom would be upset.
Was I surprised when I wen to the thrift store and saw this one. 
For only $12.00 !!!!
 Wow, back when they were brand new they were twice the price or more. 
So it was a Christmas win, she was so happy.  She came out of bed and gazed at it lovingly. 
 ......No really, lovingly.
It changes colors from blue, to lavendar to yellows and oranges all a soft light hue.  It really is cool.

 And the birthday gift:
Geo Mags, making cars from pars and magnets - you build it yourself
I won this at a receipt drawing at Bellevue Art and Frame.

BrittanyLane said...

Yay! Happy Adoption Birthday to all of you. Conrad is one lucky kiddo!

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