Thursday, July 25, 2013

CASology GOLD Anniversary Celebration!

My fanfare CASology Parade!

Well, I meant to post a midweek inspiration for the current challenge GOLD!

I decided I wanted to pay tribute to CASology and post all the cards I have entered to their challenges!
Wow, there were so many that I stayed up pretty late pulling them all - and I will need to add a few more!

How many Challenges have you played?
How many cards have you posted to CASology?

There is still time to play the current GOLD

Posting to CASology (DT Member)

Don't forget one lucky person will get a SURPRISE!

The first card I saw that lead me to CASology was:  
BEV's Card: 
I saw this card and was blown away by the design. 
 I started to watch CASology, and after a few weeks  I started to enter!

Thanks Bev!

Special Thanks to Melissa and 
the CASology Design Team!

Shannon J said...

So much gorgeousness in just one post!!! What a treat ;)

~amy~ said...

wow! Fun to see all your designs...excellent work!

Happy Dance said...

Your cards all in one place are a treat to see, Kim. And thank you so much for the 'shout out'. Because of creators like you, I am inspired, and in turn, I am delighted that I can inspire others. Your graciousness, is in itself, an inspiration. Blessings to you. Bev

wienerhoneymooners said...

Dear Bev,

I never will forget cruising on line and looking up some inspiration, with NO idea how many card crafters are out there.

Then I see your NIGHT card, I grab my husband and siad, "Look at this!!!" '''Scott, this card blows me away, how could she think to do the spotlights like this, and the sentiment, centered there, WOW! ......I was hooked then and there. I said, wow, this stuff online, I have to keep checking it out!! ....and maybe I will enter a challenge myself...

I have new been posting to CASology since November, and I am so amazed at how vast this community is!!

Just recently have I really nestled in and realized also how it is a small world, how we enter the same challenges, and the "regulars" and the DT "Regulars" and other sites they design at. It is a great feeling to start to remember these blogs by name and wonderful people!!! I also can now open a PaperCrafts Mag and say, wow, I know that crafter!

Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings back - and keep a crafting!

Michelle said...

Wow! You have made some amazing cards. Truly awesome. The crazy thing is that I don't recall seeing some of those cards! And I love visiting your blog. I'm just going to have to pop over here more often so I don't miss out on any more. Keep creating, Kimberly! I love your cards. :)

Joyce said...

What a treat to come to your blog and find so many beautiful cards. This is such a fun post.

Deepti said...

Wohoooo Kimberly :) nice tribute :) love every single card of urs :) u are amazing

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