Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stacked Dishes: Fusion Challenge!

Stacked Dishes: Fusion Challenge!

I felt I had to redeem myself form my very first fusion post where I actually posted this fruglybuggly
card with the same stamp in hot pink.  
The pink was so blinding, I actually cringed when I posted it.  
I worked so hard
fussy cutting the thing, I had to.
knew I had to CASE it later.

So here is a less distracting card.... (my other one below--eek, cover one eye please I beg you!)

Stamp: Rubbermoon 2005 designed by Gretchen Ehrsam
Paper: My Minds Eye Wind in your Wings

Posting to: FUSION Challenge#13

Yesiree, this is the eyesore I (gag) posted on my very first FUSION challenge!...
Sorry Folks.  I should have tested the copics first!!!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

I like BOTH of these cards! The first is soft and elegant with the frame, but the second if fun and remind me of a Mad-Hatterish tea party with the many cups and the bright colors! So chin up girl cause they both Rock!

Michelle said...

Hey! I LIKED the card with pink!!!

I like this one too. You made it coordinate so well with that paper. I had to look reeeeeallly close because at first I thought that you stamped that background too. Did you? I still can't tell. The paper matches the ink like perfectly! Either way, its a great card.

Kara Lynne said...

I'm not going to lie, I LOVE this first card, but not the second one. Love the colors and the corner details. Beautiful paper again, like your last post, it's wonderful to show it off with the simple, elegant design.

Joyce said...

You are funny. Your pink one is just fine, and you are your own worst critic...although I must admit that I do prefer your second version.

~amy~ said...

Hmmm...I love them both:)

Lyndal said...

FAB redo Kimberly - love the original too - then again I am a BRIGHT girl LOL!

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