Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CASology CUE Card #75: Knit!

CASology CUE Card #75: Knit!

Hello everyone.
Keeping warm I hope!  

This week's CASology CUE is KNIT

My mother has always been a knitter.  
Let's just say that I don't have the knack --or the patience really.  
I am a lefty, or a southpaw you can say.
When my mother tried to teach me, she being a right hander, I got all confused, frustrated and at the age of 13, really wanted no more to do with it after that.  
I really love that she knits though!
(I have the cutest hats!)  
So I have  a few stamps with her in mind.

This card making session was a family affair!
Conrad and I stamped 
this knit poinsettia with several ink colors on paper 
and my mom selected the best color combinations.
I designed a few cards and Conrad made a few design of his own.
I will have to say, 
I really think his designs are great!

What fits the Knit for you?
Show us (HERE!!)
I am so glad to see all of the additions to the Gallery lately.
You guys most definitely make it hard to choose, and so enjoyable to view them all!  
I may not pop in on every single one of your entries, but I do admire each and every one!

Two layers:

Single Image, Large overlapped sentiment with a color layer:

Single Image overlap large sentiment NO color layer:

Conrad so pleased with his artwork!!!

Conrad's color design (I helped with the sizing and cutting of the cards, he
selected the colors and design!)
He told me, the words, they really don't have to be black do they?
"No, any color you want." I replied.
He showed my husband too.  
"These look like Aunt Kim made them, huh uncle Scott."
He smiled and said  "They look terrific!!!"

And here are Conrad's 2 card designs:

Please visit the Wonderful Designers of CASology
The CAS Dream Team that brings you
the CUE's to 
each week!
Kimberly Wiener- You are here!!!
This week's Wonderful Guest Designer:  Kimberley Markotoff
otherwise known as:
Kim of Art Keeps Me Sane!
Love her style!!

The reason I purchased this Knit stamp was that one fine day there was a drop in card make and take at the local Impress at Bellevue Square (no longer at that location).  The feature stamp was 20% off that day if you made the card,
And this was the card I made that was designed by Impress!
Cute isn't it!!!

Have an EXTRA Crafty Day!

Kristie Goulet said...

I LOVE these awesome cards. CAS perfection!!!!

Conrad's card are awesome too! Thanks for sharing them.

Meghan said...

Conrad's cards are amazing! Everything is nice and straight. Gee, if you have to miss a week, he can be your guest artist!

Maureen Merritt said...

Oh my, I so love that knit image. You and Conrad made some rockin cards! And, thanks for the Christmas card! I love it!

Ardyth said...

Fantastic image for this cue card! And Conrad is clearly taking after you in creativity! Heading to impress for this stamp - such a great graphic image!

Julia Aston said...

Love all of your renditions of your pretty knit cards - I particularly like the colors that Conrad used on his!

Joni Andaya said...

So Fantastic Kimberly! Your cards and Conrad's so perfect! Conrad is just rockin' those stamp set.

Michelle said...

I love this post. Conrad did a fabulous job! He's quite good! Yay Conrad!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHHHH! What a fab set of cards! And I LOVE Conrad's cards! LOVE how proud he is!!! FAB! <3

cm said...

Eeee...you and Conrad crafting together is just beyond fabulous - and the cards created are wow x wow! He is one creative young man, and having you to influence and inspire him is exactly the encouragement he needs. Such a special bond!! Yes, knitting...I can, in the most mediocre of ways - basic knit and purl. It was my 'pre-card-making' obsession. I dabble occasionally and truly must do more. One of these days, I will learn to kniit-in-the-round - and look out: hats, hats and hats! LOVE this post; love the cards; love the joy you've shared with us!

Rosemary said...

fab set of cards, Kimberly! love how you stamped the sentiment on the first one. Conrad's cards are absolutely amazing!!

Shannon J said...

Absolutely love all of these! And extra love that the family all chipped in with a group effort! And Conrad is a superstar!!! With so much creativity oozing from you, he is no doubt picking some of it up by osmosis!! We have the same family dynamic as you where knitting is concerned - my Mom is a knitter, me - not so much!!!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

#1- Big congrats...yeah, you know what I am talking about!

#2- love these cards, what great colors AND look at the cutie pie with his cards! >3

Marlena M. said...

Conrad did an EXCELLENT job~wow! I'm really impressed!
Your cards are lovely too! It's a blessing that you can create in your own way~even if you don't knit! (I'm in the same club) ;) Have a beautiful Christmas Kimberly~

Jeanne J. said...

You made so many great cards! I love the bright colors and that you made some with Conrad! Your knitting story had me laughing too - I could picture my own mom trying to teach me to crochet! We gave up too!

Colleen said...

Kimberly, first I want to thank you for leaving me some "blog love" and being so sweet. Your words mean a lot to me! Now for your cards...AWESOME! Love that stamp and putting JOY in there is a nice touch. I wish you and your family a most blessed and Merry Christmas!

Greta said...

Love the cards--Conrad is quite the designer!

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