Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASology CUE Card #73: Ribbon!

CASology CUE Card #73: Ribbon!

This week's CUE at CASology is
Ribbon and the holidays makes me think 
of when my Great Grandmother Meltry had candies called "Ribbon Candy and After Dinner Mints."
She kept them in a little clear mustard yellow glass dish.
She didn't let the kids have any...
They were for company.
We still snuck them anyways!
Though it was not easy, because try as we might, 
it was hard to pry them apart from the candy dish, 
and not get caught while doing it!!!

Pigtails, bows on a present, a ribbon on a wreath perhaps?
A ribbon won in a field event?   
What does ribbon mean to you?

Inspired yet, have any ideas??
Show us (HERE!)

I used a digital main image and an Impression Obsession 
Sentiment to bring my grandmother's candy to life and
make a Hybrid CAS Card!

Sentiment: C8638 Sweet Wishes Alesa Baker Designs for Impression Obsession
Tsukineko Brilliance Graphite Black
Etsy Purchased Clip Art by GreatGraphics

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Meghan said...

Ribbon candy has a place in my childhood as well! As soon as I saw your digi it brought back some fond memories! Another clever card!

Rosemary said...

aahhh... ribbon candy! brings back memories. fantastic card, Kimberly!

Ardyth said...

That image is AWESOME! It's so vintage it's modern, kwim? This is a brilliant take on the cue card!

cm said...

Your candies bring back memories of my grandma and her special candy stash,which she always made sure we raided...much to my parents' dismay! She had the 'for guests' bowl only, too - and yep, those seemed to need more filling than usual when we were around! Your take on the cue card: only BRILLIANT and beautiful!!

Shannon J said...

I love that your card was inspired by memories of your great grandma! Some of my most special memories come from my own Grandma. Miss her a ton. Such a special card!!

Michelle said...

I LOVED that candy! (actually, I still do) I also love how you put this card together. It's contemporary, yet stirs emotions of nostalgia. How cool is that!?! Great card!

Julia Aston said...

My grandparents always had ribbon candy at Christmas as well! they would put some in little net bags on their tree for my sister and I to find on Christmas day. I know just what you mean about them being all stuck together too!! LOL!! love your card - it brought back wonderful memories for me!

Kristie Goulet said...

I LOVE your take on the cue word, could be because I LOVE ribbon candy. :) Great card!

Tracey McNeely said...

Do you have any idea how much I love this card? Fantastic!

Melissa said...

You are too funny! Your story only reminds me how similar all children are! :) Makes me smile!!!
That ribbon candy image is so perfect for this week's cue word and I love how outside-the-box it is! (You know I how much I like it when that happens...LOL!)

OH Babs said...

I love the ribbon candy. It certainly brings back fond memories, especially pieces sticking together. Great card.

Barb Ghig said...

Genius idea, Kimberly! I never would have thought of ribbon candy...it's such a fun and whimsical take on the cue card...Love it!

Anonymous said...

I haven't come across ribbon candy, but knew exactly what it was when I saw your card, Kimberley ... ingenious, brilliant, and a lovely story to go with it! Anita :)

Judy1223 said...

Ribbon candy...BRILLIANT, Kimberly! Love this fun, festive card!

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