Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CASology CUE Card #91: Garden!

CASology CUE Card #91: Garden!

Ohhh an excuse for lovely spring goodness!
Yay, I am all behind this CUE!

Don't be afraid to use some of those new 
stencil inking skills!
If you are like me, you want to delve into it..
but are somewhat hesitant.  
 I have a few tips below!

I want to see you get inky!
Join us at CASology this week!

Some CAS Design Tips:

- One layer is less bulky and perfect for CAS cards
- Minimal imagery keeps it from being "busy" or cluttered
- Lots of FREE or open, "white" space simplifies the design
- "Less is More" on colors keeps it pleasingly CAS

I used the rule of three, kept the colors minimal by using only two and balancing them on the card.

This week the Wonderful Sponsor is:  

Kimberly Wiener- You are here!!!

TIPS Blending Tools:  What do I use?

I use Tim Holtz Distressed Inks
And for the blending tool.....No need for expensive tools 
I use Makeup Wedge Sponges!

I was having difficulty with the blending tools I had bought "specifically" for distress ink blending
I bought this package of Covergirl brand, only because I was out and about and was actually buying mascara when I spotted them and thought, hey, those will probably work better than that rough nubby cloth I have on the end of that tool.  So you can buy any kind really of the makeup sponges that are smaller and cheaper, but I bought these because of convenience, and they are larger so I can really grip them. I suggest shopping around. You can probably buy bulk if you need.

The sponges are finer, and if you use soft circular patterned movement, and practice, you will be a pro in moments!


I am messy, it gets messy, and I use it for 2 colors.
I LOVE the way they blend though!
Place it in a sandwich baggie, 
and you are good to go.



Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

LOVE this - even though it's so rich in colour it's still lovely and CAS!

Meghan said...

The colour is amazing on this card! Love it!

OH Babs said...

This card is gorgeous. Teaching a class on sponging to beginners I chose really cheap makeup sponges from the Dollar Tree and they were okay. In the end we all agreed SU! sponges, cut into quarters, worked the best.

Tracey McNeely said...

Gorgeous design Kimberly--I love the colours!

Judy1223 said...

Kimberly, this inking is amazing and I love to see that old Hero Arts flower image used again! (I have that one, love those real flowers stamps!) Such a great example of CAS at its best!

Hannelie said...

Beautiful inspiration.
Thanks Kimberley!

May Park said...

Love how you used the makeup sponges for blending technique. The result is awesome too, Kimberly.

Anita in France said...

Stunning colours, Kimberly ... so beautifully blended and with so much depth ... they glow! Anita :)

Kelly said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Barb Ghig said...

Awesome card, Kimberly! I love how your inks blended with your makeup sponges and of course your CAS design is just beautiful!
Thanks so much for sharing your tips on inking this card!

Shannon J said...

Ahhhhh gorgeous!!! That colour combo is incredible! YES makeup sponges are such a good alternative! I'm sure you have already figured this out, but when the end gets icky just snip it off and voila you pretty much have a brand new sponge!!

Happy Dance said...

Ardyth is right. Those colors are so rich, but don't detract from the CASness of this card. It's just gorgeous! Thanks, too for the tips about makeup sponges. Have a great week. Bev

Joyce said...

What a stunner!! Love how you have used those bold colors AND kept it CAS. BCAS--Bold clean and simple--and you are the originator.

Toni said...

Love this

Jen W. said...

Your inking here is gorgeous, Kim! So rich and textured. Awesome! And thanks for the tip about the make-up sponges - I think I might try them.

Deepti said...

I am in love with this card, love ur color combination n perfect sponging :)

Gay Peplow said...

Beautiful colour combination :D The flowers are perfectly simple, I love this card!! :D x

Monika Reeck said...

Kimberly...I have similar thing like you have and it was from a foam for cosmetic...(powder) and I love how you blend the color ..amazing..I love sponging too...if you have a five minutes time please look at my card for Casology..it has white area like yours...amazing..I didnt see your card but the idea is nearly the same...love your card dear Kim...hugs, Monika

cm said...

First, your card is colourfully cas and most stunning! Gorgeous! And the make-up wedges for blending: brilliant! You may convince me to try stenciling after all...Hugs~c

Kim S said...

Absolutely stunning colors and what a gorgeous way to blend them with the flowers in the middle.